Pasalubong Diaries : Korea III

My parents go on trips a lot and I usually post their pasalubongs here on my blog, so I decided to make a separate little section called “Pasalubong Diaries” where I can stash these kinds of entries.  Some people may see it as simply showing off, but I like doing it to show my gratitude to my parents 🙂  Believe it or not, they actually read my blog, and seeing posts like this makes them happy.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my mom attended a conference in Korea.  Normally Ezra and I aren’t picky about our pasalubong – we’re more than happy to accept anything from my parents’ trips, but Korea is a different matter.  We love Korean cosmetics so we usually provide our parents a short list of certain items we want 🙂   Here are some of the things Ezra and I asked our mom to pick up for us while she was there:

Etude House goodies!

Wonder Pore Freshner and Brush – I’ve been hearing great things about the Wonder Pore line so I decided to give it a try.  My skin’s been breaking out horribly due to many sleepless nights, so hopefully this will fix it

Proof 10 Liquid Liner – These are usually out of stock at Megamall so Ezra and I decided to get back ups

Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (this one’s for Ezra.  I don’t use lip liners that often)

Hmm, that’s actually all we asked our mom to pick up for us, but the shop gave us lots of samples:

We got a bunch of masks, serums (?), bb creams and wipes.  Gotta love Korea for their freebies! 😀

We also got these cute hair clips 🙂  Unfortunately they don’t grip my hair that well, but it does okay for holding my bangs in place while I do my make up.  Oh, and it’s a pen too!  I’m not sure why they thought a pen+hairclip combination is necessary, I don’t really see myself using this to write anything in the future.  But hey, you never know right?  Maybe I’ll come up with a good idea while I’m applying BB cream and need a pen to write it down immediately – I’ll just grab this from my head and problem solved.  LOL

Lastly, we got this cute make up bag.  This is another freebie, can you believe it?  It’s probably worth around P400 over here.  Ezra (reluctantly) agreed to let me have it since it was my birthday a few weeks ago.  I use it to store my makeup brushes.

My mom also brought back lots of kimchi, seaweed wrap and Korean snacks, but I’m not sure you guys would be interested in those.  Besides, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food when she got back and we’ve consumed most of them already XD

Thanks Ma for all the gifts!  Mwaaaaaaah~


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