Old Multiply blog entries – part 2

More of my old ramblings from my Multiply blog.

(Part 1 can be found HERE)

Title : Katamary Damacy

Date : June 7, 2007

I was introduced to this game by Kurt and Ezra.  They played it last year at our house during Kurt’s visit.  I found it cute and asked Kurt to bring it with him for his trip this year so that I could get a chance to play.  I didn’t know it was going to be so addicting!

First of all … what is Katamari Damacy?  It’s a game created by Namco for PS2.  To put it simply, in this game, you are given a ball called a “katamari” which you have to roll around.  As you roll your katamari around, things begin to stick to it.  It gets bigger and bigger and you can pick up larger objects as you play the game.

The game is really fun and realistic (for a computer game anyway).  When you pick up objects, your katamari will roll differently based on how that object is shaped.  And when you hit a larger object, your katamari becomes smaller because some of the stuff that you’ve collected earlier falls off due to the impact.

Last night I stayed up trying to get past the level where I had to make my katamari 12m in diameter.  It was the first stage in the game where I was able to pick up much larger objects such as trees, cows and cars.  I never made it past 8m last night.  But this morning I played it again and managed to hit the 12m mark with 1second to spare!

I can’t wait to get home and get back to my katamari ^_^

Present notes : I still love this game after all these years.  I spent quite a bit of time playing it again on Kurt’s PS2 last December 🙂

Title : First Semester na ulit!

Date : June 21, 2007

Start na naman ng bagong semester.  

I can’t believe I survived 1 year as a teacher … As a child, I remember telling myself that the last two things that I want to become is either a teacher or a doctor.  And now, it’s been a year since the University has hired me to become a Physics instructor.  I must say, I’m not in a hurry to leave my job.  I never realized how much fun it could be.  Especially if you have such wonderful students.  I love the feeling I get when my student ranks first in departmental exams.  I feel like I’m doing something important with my life.

Anyway I’m looking really looking forward to this semester!  I hope that my students are prepared to do some serious studying~

Let the fun begin!

<<evil grin>>

Title : Tribute to Tidus

Date : June 24, 2007

Last Friday (June 22, 2007), my dog died. It was a sad day for the entire family. Everyone loved Tidus and how he used to make us all laugh. He had this power of making people like him instantly.


Tidus was born on September 1, 2002. He was the very first White German Sheperd we had. There were three of them in the batch, but we only kept him. Even at a week old we already loved him. We thought it was funny that with his eyes still shut, he had very little patience with Mang Doneng, my dad’s friend who helps us breed and register our dogs. As soon as he sensed Mang Doneng near him, he would start barking (with his high-pitched little voice) like crazy. Perhaps it was because it was Mang Doneng who gave him his very first shot. Even as an adult, he never did forgive Mang Doneng.

Through the years, Tidus provided us with a lot of wonderful memories. I will never forget how he would always like to steal any kind of basahan from us. And he’s very clever about it too. Turn your back for a second and off he goes with it.

He loved to annoy Lola while she sewed in the garden. Up until now, I still can’t believe that he managed to take a friendly bite from her kilikili.

Tidus is an extremely KSP dog. As soon as our car pulls into the garage, he would come running to greet us. We would often scold him for being dirty when he does so. (He loved playing in the mud). And if you forget to pet him, you would get a friendly nip from him. He loved attention.

On Thursday (June 21, 2007), I came home with him lying in the garage, unable to move and having trouble breathing. When the vet arrived, she informed us that he suffered from a heatstroke. We thought it was absurd since it’s already the rainy season and the weather has been pleasantly cool all day. Nevertheless, when we held him, his body was burning up. So we cooled him down by pouring ice water on him. This helped bring down his temperature, but eventually he went into a series of cardiac arrests. When the vet left at around 11pm, he seemed fine, but she told us that if he lives, he would probably suffer from paralysis. Still, we wanted him to live, we would still love him even if he can’t run to greet us when we get home.

However, on Friday morning, he passed away. He was still alive when we woke up around 6am that morning. My mom and sister were still able to pet him and comfort him. But a few minutes later after they went back into the house, the maids informed us that he was gone.

I know that we can’t bring him back. I suppose I should just be happy that he didn’t have to suffer not being able to move for the rest of his life. I’m sure he knew how much we all loved him. It just sucks that he had to leave us so soon.

Tidus, wherever you are, know that we love you and that we will never forget you.

Title : ICMAT

Date : July 19, 2007

I’ve just realized that I haven’t made a blog entry about my ICMAT experience. So here goes.

Last July 1-6, the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technology (ICMAT) 2007 was held at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. It was my first time to attend any kind of conference … and I had to pick one that was international.

I actually wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for my adviser. He’s always telling me that I should submit my thesis to different conferences for Material Science.

I have actually submitted part of my thesis to the Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas (SPP) Congress last October 2006. I submitted three papers, two were chosen as poster presentations and one as an oral presentation. Unfortunately at the time, I felt I didn’t have enough experience nor courage to be able to stand in front of an audience to present my work. So I made a powerpoint presentation and asked my adviser to present my paper for me.  Luckily he didn’t mind.

I’ve also submitted my paper to the Chinese International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC) last November, and it was also accepted as a poster presentation. Again, I was too scared to go by myself (plus it was too expensive!).

Finally I submitted my paper to ICMAT 2007 and again it was accepted. This time I decided to finally go and present my work, confident that my adviser would be with me (after all, he was the one who kept telling me to go). It turned out he had no intention of going. Luckily, two of my co-workers also submitted their papers and have decided to go. My mom also decided to come with me at the last minute. She was worried that her “baby” would get lost in a foreign country. (I’m actually really glad that she came, it made things A LOT easier ^_^)

We arrived at Singapore at 11pm on July 1 (yep, that late). Although we didn’t have anything to worry about because it turned out to be a very safe country. Naturally we slept in the next day and missed the first plenary session. Luckily we made it in time for the second plenary speaker.

Hahriz, Amie and I spent the entire week attending different sessions (we loved listening to topics related to Biophysics). We met a lot of intimidating (yet kind) professors. It was scary presenting our work in front of so many distinguished scientist. During the day of my poster presentation I actually stood a few feet away from my poster to avoid being asked so many questions, but some people still found me and managed to interrogate me (joke!). I was able to answer most of the questions, phew!

Of course our trip wouldn’t be complete without exploring beautiful Singapore. We went to Chinatown, Sentosa, NUS, Boat Quay, Merlion Park, Fountain of Wealth, etc … Most of these places are really close to each other so we just walked most of the time. As a result, we could hardly take a step without wincing by the time we left the country. But it was so~ worth it!

The country was so beautiful I instantly fell in love with it. I’m hoping to maybe study there someday … sana … If not, I hope to at least come back and stay longer next time. ICMAT 2009 is already being planned for. I’m not sure if i’ll be able to go. But if I’m lucky I’ll have another paper to present by then.

So Singapore … until next time! ^_^

Present notes : Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend ICMAT 2009 (nor 2011 T__T).  But ICMAT 2013 – watch out!  I’m coming for you!

TITLE : Goodbye Megumi

Date : July 22, 2007

In a past blog entry I mentioned that our dog, Tidus, died recently. It has now been exactly one month since his death. A friend of mine (Brinks) commented on that entry that she remembered him and his sister Megumi (you can also find a picture of Megumi as a pup in that same entry). We sold Megumi to our next door neighbor so that she would still be close to us. Brinks remembers how Megumi loved to look over the fence whenever she misses us. (Our neighbors kept her on the other side of the fence where we kept our dogs.) And now, we have another sad day. We had to say goodbye to Megumi.

Our neighbors informed us that Megumi died this morning. Naturally I didn’t feel as sad as I did when Tidus died. But I just found it odd that she died exactly one month after her brother’s death.

Unlike Tidus, I don’t think she died of a heatstroke … although I could be wrong since I haven’t heard the full story yet. But what I do know (according to our neighbors) is that she stopped eating the day Tidus died. We didn’t find this weird at first, she was always a picky eater. But we never thought that she would die because of this.

It just made me wonder … we’ve seen so many movies and countless soap operas where there seems to be an invisible thread connecting family members together. We also have what we call “lukso ng dugo”. Is it weird to think that this strange connection also exists in animals?

Of course animals don’t seem to be as emotional as human beings, but I believe they go through similar ups and downs that we do. Our family has always owned a dog (or dogs) ever since I can remember. They have always been part of our family. When we get to know them really well, we can pretty much guess what they are thinking, and sometimes even know what emotion they are feeling. I believe that they are actually more similar to us than we realize.

Although I am sad that Megumi’s gone, I’m also sort of relieved because I believe that she and Tidus are together again. At least that way I know Tidus won’t be alone.

Wherever the two of them are, I hope they find peace.

Title : Long weekends and lab reports

Date : August 30, 2007

I haven’t blogged in a while, might as well do it now while I have nothing to do.  Wait, let me rephrase that … I have A LOT to do, I’m just too lazy to get started. ^_^

It’s Thursday again, the busiest day of the week for me. Luckily it was just a short exercise so my laboratory class finished an hour ahead of time. I have two more classes to teach later, and I have to do it with a sore throat… not my idea of fun.

So what have I been up to lately? Nothing much … and a lot of stuff. (gulo ba?) Well, a lot of nonsense things mainly. For two weeks now I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a super long weekend. Last week I had a 6 day weekend, and this week it was 5 days. I must say, I’m getting used to it. Maybe that’s why I’m too lazy now, my mind is still in super-extended-weekend-mode.

I have a new addiction: photomanipulation! I love it! I recently discovered the joys of being a DeviantArt member. At first I attempted to put my own drawings up in my gallery, but I realized that I have no talent whatsoever in that field. So I switched to photomanipulation and instantly got hooked~ It’s so much fun. I’m still a beginner, I’ve only done about 5 pieces so far. But I’m enjoying it immensely!  The only problem is, the pile of lab reports I have to check is growing at an alarming rate… I’ve been putting of checking papers for the last two weeks…

I guess there’s no better time than the present to start….

If you want to check out my DeviantArt account here’s the url: http://ilovestrawberries.deviantart.com/

 Comments are highly appreciated ^_^


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