INSTABITS : September 2012

Instagram dump for September.  It’s been a busy month filled with lab reports and quizzes, so I didn’t post that much


Started the month off by going on a little adventure with Brinky-doodle.  She taught me how to use my phone’s GPS and map application.  I didn’t think GPS would work here in the Philippines (since our roads don’t seem to have any sort of organization whatsoever) but apparently it works pretty well.  I got so excited that we ended up going to Nuvali just to take pictures and look around.


We shopped around for a bit and grabbed some dinner at Yellowcab.  I loved their baked potatoes and Dear Darla pizza~  *drools*


The IMSP Socials Committee (which I am part of ) held an Acquaintance Party on September 3.  We went with a masquerade theme to make it a bit more interesting.  We provided people with masks and asked them to decorate them for the party.  Some people got by with minimum effort (me included), but some went all out.  I didn’t even start decorating my mask until around 10am that day, and the party was at 3pm.  The only art material I had available was glitter glue so I used nail polish to paint my mask.  It looked pretty but the smell of chemicals was so overwhelming it made me a bit dizzy.  Luckily it went away after a few hours.

photo (7)

   IMSP Socials Committee after the party 🙂


Also, as you probably know, I celebrated my birthday this month.  It wasn’t that great since I had to teach from 7am to 6pm that day, but I cheered up when I saw the birthday cake that the Physics Division people prepared for me. Thanks guys! 🙂

photo (11)

My birthday nail art 🙂  Like I said, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my birthday after spending 11 hours at the office, so our family just had some cake and spaghetti at home.  I invited Amie to join us and we did our nails while waiting for dinner to be ready.  She remembered that I had crackle nail polish and she suggested that we use that.


April and I had to teach Math 11 at the Math Building on my birthday.  On our way back to the Physics Division, she found P500 on the floor!  We asked the people in the area if it belonged to them, but none of them claimed it so we kept it.  April used it to buy me some Butterscotch from Mernel’s the next day.  Thanks April!  (The paper I’m holding up is a little birthday greeting card that the NASC3 cluster prepared for me.  They had their cooking challenge that week so all week long students kept bringing in food to our office for judging.  Ma’am Rose called it my week-long birthday celebration handaan XD)

photo (10)

My first eBay purchase arrived a day after my birthday.  (Well, technically I’ve ordered stuff off of eBay before, but I used Kurt’s account and had it delivered to his house.  This was my first purchase using my own account).  I was worried it would get lost in the mail, so I was so excited when I received a text from my dad telling me that a package arrived for me.  I ordered 2 light tippers for me and Ckloy since I hate how using the built-in flash makes my photos look so harsh.  I love how this bounces the light and makes it softer and more natural.


My students had their 2nd lecture exam on September 6.  The passing rate wasn’t as high as the first exam, but it was still pretty good.  I’m quite proud of them.


Since our family wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday on the actual day (partly because there was no time, but also because my mom was in Korea then), we went out that weekend to have dinner at Teriyaki Boy.  It’s been years since I treated my family to dinner 🙂


My mom took this photo of Ezra and me while waiting for our food to arrive.  It was already past 8pm at this time and we were starving so we had to find ways to distract ourselves XD

photo (9)

My mom’s pasalubong from Korea.  (I blogged about this HERE)


She also brought back these little egg things 🙂 I thought they were chocolates but they turned out to be actual eggs marinated in some kind of sauce to give it that brown color.  They’re pretty good.


My mom’s birthday is in October and she requested that we celebrate it this year by watching The Phantom of the Opera together.  We got our tickets and I can’t wait!  Some of my friends have already seen it and they tell me that it was worth every penny!


Ezra and I have been working really hard lately, so my dad gave us this little packet of Stresstabs he got for free at some mall event.  I’ve only taken them a couple of times but I can’t really tell if they make a difference.


Ckloy and I had our last FPPF 3rd basic photography workshop on September 9.  It’s sad that it had to end.  Here I am wearing the shirt that they gave us.


September 17 was a holiday so we went to Manila to pick something up for my dad.  We were supposed to go to Makati but we were on the SLEX when we realized that coding ang dala naming sasakyan!!  So we ended up having to drop my parents off near the airport where they managed to grab a taxi to Makati.  Ezra and I waited for them at the Mall of Asia.  It’s been 4 years since I last went to MOA.  The last time I was there was when I bought my Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.


I did some digging around in my closet one day and found this blouse I bought years ago that I never got the chance to wear.  I paired it with my black high-low skirt.


After seeing that eBay purchases can find their way safely to our house, Ezra used my account to buy this cute Rilakuma phone casing.  It arrived at our house after about a week and a half.


Tring had a Deviance Activity thing for her SOSC1 class.  She had to dress weird and observe how people behave around her.  She asked me to do her make up for her.  It turned out looking too normal so we added that star thing under her eye.  Amie braided her hair for her.  I love how it looked with her pink feather earrings.


So kyot~  You should do  your eyes like this everyday Tringie XD  Hindi naman weird tingnan diba?

photo (13)

Bought these two pairs of earrings when we went to MOA.  I love them!  Especially the black spiky ones because they’re so light.  The silver feather ones are a bit heavy and they pull on my earlobes.  But they’re so cute that I don’t mind that much.


Ckloy and I met up at SM Calamba for a quick Saturday date one weekend.  We went shopping and ate at Max’s Fried Chicken.

photo (12)

Kate was in town last week and Tring surprised us both by organizing a lunch thingie for the three of us.  (Tring usually comes over for Friday lunch, but she didn’t tell me that her sister would be with her.  Surprise surprise :D)  It was great seeing Kate again.  I think the last time we saw each other was back in 2006 during Ezra’s violin recital.  After lunch we went out for some Korean ice cream before returning to the office to catch up on each other’s lives. (Kate earned a new nickname that day – “The Brownout Queen” XD)


Since my Physics 3 students will be having their 2nd laboratory exam tomorrow,  I spent the weekend checking their lab reports so I could return them.  I handle 3 lab sections and had to check 20 lab reports for each one.  My red ballpen actually ran out of ink!

And that ends this month’s Instabits entry.  Classes will be over in a week, and after that it’s Finals week.  Things are going to get even busier around here.  But hopefully I’ll be able to post more interesting stuff this October.  We’ve got a lot of activities planned this month, I can’t wait 😀


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