Etude House nail polish haul

Last month I dropped by Etude House to pick out a nail polish for Tring (to thank her for helping me proctor my Physics 3 exam) when I saw these new glittery ones they had at the shop!  I couldn’t resist picking a few up for myself.  I also found the perfect shade of baby/pastel yellow which I had to get as well.  The brown nail polish on the far left was something I threw in my basket at the last minute because I don’t have that shade yet and I was only P20 away from reaching P1000 and getting a freebie 🙂

I haven’t tried the brown and yellow nail polish yet, but I have played around with the glittery ones:

I really love the purple glitters!  (Well I love any sort of glitter, but this one’s extra pretty!)

The colorful glitter on the far right is nice but I can only use it with a bluish base.  Brinks said it made my nails look like Easter eggs XD

I haven’t tried the colorful glitter in the middle on myself yet, but I used it on Tring once:

So pretty~  She used African Plum as a base.  I would have liked to add a few more layers of glitter but we didn’t have much time and it would have taken forever to dry.


6 thoughts on “Etude House nail polish haul

  1. Love the nail polish, I wish I had the time to actually paint (and invest in good polishes) my nails. Everytime I do mines, I always rush them and they chip too easily 😦

    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t have that much time to do my nails these days as well. Which is why I like going for glitter nail polish because they tend to last longer on me for some reason 😀

  2. Not related to this subject but …. Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner is discontinue! I cant find any back ups. Do you have any suggestion with any other brands? I really like it so much. 😦

  3. I use the colourful glitter on the far right for other colours besides blue too! 🙂 It makes the base colour more of a pastel shade which I love.

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