Our Phantom of the Opera experience :)

This year our family decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday by watching the Phantom of the Opera.  I’ve never seen a musical before, so I was pretty excited.  We bought our tickets sometime in September, so I looked forward to this for weeks!

(We weren’t allowed to bring cameras inside so all the pictures below were taken using our phones, which explains why they’re grainy and a bit blurry.)

Ezra and I didn’t know what to wear since we’ve never gone to see a musical before, but my mom told us to just look pretty.  Of course, “pretty” can be interpreted in many different ways.  She probably had something else in mind, but Ezra and I decided to go for the “horror twin-sisters” effect:

It was all Ezra’s doing (obviously).  The night before the musical we still couldn’t decide what to wear.  Nothing in my closet appealed to me while Ezra had a hard time choosing between two dresses.  In the end she decided that the best solution would be to just make me wear one of her dresses.  (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here on my blog before, but my sister sees me as an extension of herself.  She enjoys dressing me up in her clothes and styling my hair to look like hers because it makes her feel like she has a back up of herself.)  Everything I’m wearing is hers, including the stockings and shoes.

With my baby.  So pogi ❤

We bought tickets for the 3pm show so we left our house at around 12:30 in case we run into some traffic.  But the roads were clear that day and we made it to the theater by 1:30, giving us about an hour to look around and take pictures.

Look how empty the place was when we arrived.  We were one of the first ones there 🙂

Somehow our entire family ended up wearing black that day.

Guests weren’t allowed inside the theater until 2:30pm, but during one of our quests to find a restroom, we somehow found ourselves inside the theater’s orchestra level!  I have no idea how we managed to get in there without anyone spotting us and telling us off, but naturally we took the chance to snap a few pictures before anyone could tell us to leave XD

With the famous chandelier

It was super dark inside so please excuse the horrible quality of the shot

Kinda looks like D.L. Umali Hall XD

Except for those special boxes and balconies at the top

After admiring the theater, we snuck out and walked away like we’ve done nothing wrong.  We decided to pass the time browsing items at the gift shop and looking at displays on the 2nd floor.

With some of the costumes

Headless Phantom

People-watching from the 2nd floor.

The crowd started to arrive around 2pm

They finally let us in at around 2:30pm and we spent the next 2 hours or so thoroughly enjoying the show.  I’m not going to make a review, but all you need to know was that it was AMAZING!  Totally worth every centavo.  I’m so thankful that we got the chance to see it 🙂

Ezra and her attempt to impersonate the Phantom XD

To end this entry, here’s a shot of our tickets and my dad’s mini-binoculars which we brought along with us:

(I used the binoculars mostly to get a closer look at the costumes they wore … and to zoom in on Raoul’s face XD  I couldn’t help it, he was so dreamy~ ♥)


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