Bohol Day 3 : Glass bottom boating and Alona beach

This will be my last entry about our Bohol trip.  It’s about time too, it’s been almost six months since our trip!  It’s the holidays here in the Philippines so I’ve been trying to catch up on blogging and my 52-week project.  I have a bunch of entries lined up that I need to finish.

Anyway, back to our Bohol trip…  We didn’t really have any activities planned for our third day, so we figured we’d just take this time to relax and enjoy our last day there.  Our hotel booking came with a free glass-bottom boat ride, so we decided to avail of that after breakfast.

We took the golf cart again to the restaurant from the hotel

Since this was a weekday, they didn’t have breakfast buffet, so we ordered from the menu.  (But at least they still had unlimited hot chocolate XD)

After eating we headed over to the beach for our glass-bottom boat ride.

While waiting for the resort staff to retrieve the boat, Ezra found this little rhinoceros beetle:


We played with it for a while before returning it to where we found it

Here comes the boat:


They had to be really careful when approaching the shore because the glass bottom might get caught on the rocks and crack



All set!


Hmm … nothing much to see yet…


Excited for our first glass-bottom boat ride


The view of our resort as we pulled away from shore


I’m not sure when the boat was last used, but the bottom was extremely cloudy and dirty to the point that we couldn’t see anything


Not to worry though, one of the staff jumped in the water to clean it up



Look how gross the rag became after he wiped the bottom a couple of times


Ta-dah!  Finally we could see him

We mostly saw corals and starfish at first:



But then we reached this place where the ground suddenly dropped into nothingness (is this what you call the edge of the continental shelf?) and we started to see lots of colorful fish:


And a few of these HUGE colorful fish who waved at us as we passed by:


Oh wait ….


Those don’t look like fish to me…


My bad~ XD  (You could see part of our reflection on the glass as we waved back to them :D)

No, but seriously, we did see a lot of beautiful fish and corals.  The ride was only 30 minutes long but we were happy.  Any longer than that and we probably would have gotten sea sick from looking down so much.

Back at shore, Ezra found her beetle friend right where she left him, so she decided to take him back to the hotel with us


We called the hotel from the restaurant to send the golf cart to pick us up.  Here’s a picture one of the waiters took of us while we waited.

Back in our room we had a heart to heart talk with our new friend



He didn’t say much but he was a great listener.  After pouring our hearts out to him, Ezra released him in the garden outside our room and we spent the rest of the morning napping.  We all woke up around 2pm, grabbed a quick lunch, and decided to head back out again to do some sight seeing on our own.

IMG_3226a (1)

We planned to go shopping for souvenirs, but we decided to just head over to Alona beach at the last minute – which explains why Ezra and I were wearing sneakers.

IMG_3226a (2)

IMG_3226a (3)

IMG_3226a (4)

We did find a few shops at the beach, but we didn’t purchase anything.  I was sorely tempted to buy a new pair of slippers because walking on the sand wearing sneakers is never fun, but thankfully my mom remembered that she brought an extra pair with her and she let me borrow it.  (Ezra just decided to go barefoot.)

 Eventually we found a spot to settle down and we spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing there

IMG_3226a (5)

IMG_3226a (5)a

IMG_3227 (3)

Ezra made a new friend.  Let’s call her Bantay.

IMG_3227 (1)

She spent the first few minutes making these little sand balls

IMG_3227 (4)

But she got bored and decided that burying me in the sand sounded more fun

IMG_3227 (19)

I got my revenge on her though

IMG_3227 (5)

I turned her into a tick.  She preyed on old Bantay and sucked out all her blood.  You can see the poor fella behind her napping as she tried to regain her strength.  (I actually meant to turn Ezra into an octopus but I got lazy …)

Anyway, we just lounged about until the sun started to set.  I read a book and listened to music while my parents napped and Ezra explored the beach.  When it got dark, we packed up and walked around the shore to look for a good place to eat.  We grabbed a cozy dinner by the beach before heading back to our hotel to get started on packing for our flight back to Manila the next day.

That’s pretty much it for our Bohol trip.  I can’t believe it took me 6 months to finish blogging about it!  (Oh wait … never mind.  Based on my previous track record, that’s not surprising at all …)  Anyway, if you want to read about our first two days in Bohol, here are the links:

To end this entry, here are some pictures of Alona beach I took that day:

IMG_3227 (20)


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