INSTABITS : October 2012

When October arrived I started to panic because we only had a few weeks left till the end of classes and I still had a bunch of things I needed to do.  It got even worse during the end of the month because there were exams to check, grades to be submitted and presentations to prepare for…

Anyway, here’s my Instagram photo dump for October:


We celebrated Teacher’s Day last October 5.  When I was younger I always thought teaching would be easy, but it’s actually pretty challenging.  But I love my students, so all the hard work is worth it.  Imagine how happy I was when I got this small token from my student on Teacher’s Day.  Thanks Gina!


One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the fact that we don’t have uniforms.  I love having the freedom of choosing what I want to wear to work every morning 😀  (Although I think I need to start updating my wardrobe.  A few of my students have pointed out that I’m always wearing black.)


I noticed that my bangs were getting a little long, so I decided to give them a little trim.  UnfortunatelyI ended up cutting them too short. My mom’s student actually mistook me for a 12 year old kid T_T


Ezra and I normally have lunch together at my office on weekdays.  But we wanted to try something new so we decided to eat at Bene one Friday with Tring and April.  I’ve never been there before and I appreciated the change in scenery.  I love my office but sometimes we need to shake things up a bit 😀


My mom handled her first large class this semester after the Professor who was meant to teach the class fell ill.  She’s not used to having so many students so she asked me to help her proctor one of their exams.  It was interesting because I learned that I had some students who were enrolled in her class too.  This is the first time this happened 🙂

Something really exciting that happened recently was Vesma giving birth to a baby girl!   Our first barkada baby!  The girls and I were so excited to hear about it.  She wasn’t supposed to give birth until around mid October, but baby Feven decided to show up earlier than expected.  Brinks and I decided to drop by one Saturday to visit Vesma and Jay’s little bundle of joy.  The original plan was  that Moy would come with us, but something came up so I ended up having to drive all they way to Vesma’s and Jay’s house in Batangas City!  The farthest I’ve gone before this was Alabang, so this was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  And once again, Brinks and I made it there with only our phone’s GPS to guide us 🙂  (I stole this from Brinks’ Instagram account… hope you don’t mind Kup! XD)


With Baby Feven.  She’s so adorable~  She’s like a miniature, female version of Jay 🙂

photo (1)

I ordered another phone case off eBay and it arrived sometime in the first week of October.  I absolutely love it!  And it was only around $4 I think 😀


Ezra and I went to SM Calamba one weekend to watch Hotel Transylvania with Ckloy.  It was Ezra’s first time driving in Calamba, she did pretty well.  Congrats!


We had lunch at Joey Pepperoni.  We loved their chicken 🙂

photo (2)

Random haul.  I bought two eyeglass frames because my old ones have began to deform and I felt it was time for a change.  These were just cheap frames I got at the department store.  I originally planned on having prescription lenses put in them, but I changed my mind after a few days.  Now they’re just sitting around my room.


Lunch with Amie, Hahriz and Ckloy at Bene.  Ckloy came with me to work to help me proctor my Phys 3 exam 🙂 Thanks baby!


My students taking the Physics 3 third exam 🙂  I miss them already~


We had the annual Loyalty Day parade last October 10.


Had lunch with Ezra at Bene *AGAIN* that week.  I’m starting to develop an addiction to their meatball spag and peach iced tea.


My outfit when we went to see The Phantom of the Opera earlier this month.

photo (3)

It was my dad’s birthday present to my mom.

photo (6)

You can check out my blog entry about it HERE.


Merienda with officemates one Friday afternoon after Finals week.  Checking exams and computing grades is hard work!!


Yummy tea from Maam Chrys.  I love it!  I definitely should pick some up at the grocery next time.


As a birthday present to herself, my mom booked a Tagaytay weekend getaway for the family.


We stayed at the Crosswinds Resort Suites 🙂  Such a beautiful place!


We spent our first day just going around Tagaytay.  On our way back to the hotel we dropped by 7 -11 to buy some water.  I picked up a bottle of this too.  Kat had it before and she told me it was good.  And who can say no to beautiful skin? XD


Ezra and I were originally supposed to just get extra beds and share our parents’ suite, but because the hotel lost our room’s AC remote control, they gave us our own room 🙂  Huzzah!


The next morning we planned on going sight seeing, but we put it off because we woke up to this thick fog!


This isn’t due to a filter or condensation on my camera – it really was that foggy!


Thankfully the fog cleared up shortly after this.  We grabbed a late lunch at Josephine’s.  While waiting for our food we stepped out into their garden to enjoy the view.


Back in LB, my classlists and class cards awaited me.  Fortunately I managed to finish them all in time.


I set aside some time to have new glasses made because I was attending a symposium in Ilocos that week and I didn’t want to bring my old deformed ones.  They look similar to the frames I picked up at the department store (and my old ones), but I like this one much better.  (As I very well should since it took me over an hour to decide on these!  The guy at the shop was nice, but I could tell that he was getting a little impatient after the first 30 minutes.  Si Tring kasi e…. jowk XD  Salamat sa pagsama!)


On the 25th I woke up with a bad case of hyperacidity.  It couldn’t have come at a worst time since I had a 10am meeting that day and a seminar to give at the IMSP colloquium at 2pm.  The only thing that comforted me was the thought that I had a day to rest before Amie, Kat and I had to leave for Ilocos.  Or so I thought …. I texted Amie to tell her I couldn’t come in that morning because I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to rest so I would be alright during my presentation.  I also asked her what time we would leave the next day and her reply was “Bukas?  Hindi ba tonight?”  O_o   ACK!  After that I went into some sort of packing frenzy and ended up bringing 2 weeks worth of clothes for a 5-day trip T__T  (The good news was I still managed to find time to prepare for my seminar and it turned out better than I expected.)


We left LB around 7pm that night and arrived at Ilocos at around 8am the next day.  We spent our first day visiting different sites.  This was one of the first places we visited – my adviser’s new lab.  Look at all that shiny new equipment he has! 😀


Some of the places we visited on our first day: Paoay church, sand dunes and Malacañang of the North. (Please excuse the blurry shots.  I took these using my Sony digicam and I planned on transferring them to my phone via data cable, but unfortunately that was one of the things I forgot to pack T__T  So I just took snapshots of my camera’s display using my phone, ack.  I could have waited till I get back to LB to upload them, I know, but I was too excited.)


Here’s another shot I stole from my camera.  This was taken at the sand dunes we visited 🙂


On our second day we headed over to Pagudpud where the symposium would be held.  On the way we stopped by a few landmarks.  One of which is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse 🙂


We also stoppped by the Bangui windmills 🙂 It feels good to be back here!  (Our adviser took Amie, Beulah and I here  last year  too when we visited MMSU for the first time.)


We arrived at Villa del Mar Ivory Beach Resort at around 4pm. What a lovely place to hold a symposium 🙂


Amie, Kat and I were really nervous about our presentation because there were a lot of brilliant scientists in the audience, but fortunately everything went well.  Hooray for the 1st M.O.V.E. Symposium!


Our group headed back to Batac after breakfast the next day.  While waiting for the others to finish eating, Kat decided to take a crash course on the basics of applying nail polish.   I already had nail polish on so Amie became the unwilling subject.  We graded Kat afterwards.  I have her a 2.75, Amie gave her a 3.0 XD

This was another photo I stole from Brinks’ Instagram account (thanks Kup, haha).  She ran into Ezra at Savemore that night while they were grocery shopping.  Ezra took these using her iPod and sent them to me on my 2nd night in Ilocos to make me homesick.


Ami and I arrived in LB on the morning of the 30th (Kat stayed in Marikina).  I went to the office that afternoon to drop off some stuff and ran into Tring.  (She was hunting down her professors to collect her classcards.)  I dragged her with me to the grocery to pick up some baking materials and kidnapped her so she could help Ezra and me bake some white chocolate chip and walnut cookies with marshmallows 😀


The next day (Halloween), our family went to San Pablo and Tanauan to visit cemeteries and pay our respects to the deceased.  (We’ve been doing this for the past few years to avoid the November 1 crowd.)  Raffy met us in Tanauan, along with a couple of his friends.  They helped us carry the flowers and clean the place up.  Thanks guys!

As promised, my October was packed with all sorts of activities, so this Instabits entry was a bit longer than usual.  It was definitely a fun month filled with many amazing memories.  Making it through October also means that I survived my first semester back in the university, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂   The new semester starts in a few days so I’m probably going to be pretty busy again.  But hopefully I’ll still be able to update every now and then.

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