My FPPF Basic Photography Workshop experience

If you read my blog, you may have noticed that I have a *little* interest in photography.  Even as I child I loved the feeling of being able to capture the world as I see it.  Most of what I know about photography comes from friends and the internet.  And although I’ve learned a lot from them, I figured it was about time I get some formal training.  So when Vesma told me that Jay enrolled in a photography workshop and was looking for other people to join, I immediately signed Ckloy and me up (since I knew how much he loved photography too).

We attended the 3rd FPPF Basic Photography Workshop held by the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. (FPPF) here in Los Banos.  It’s a 5-day workshop which tackled topics like the technical aspects of your camera, basic lighting theory, elements of design and digital post processing.  We had a different lecturer for each day and we met every Sunday at Matrix Photostudio from August 12 to September 9.


Our first lecturer was Mr. Ador Paminutan.  He started off with a presentation on the history of photography, then he taught us how to handle our cameras.  He also gave us advice on what settings to use in different situations.


His lecture was very hands-on and dealt mostly on the technical stuff, which I enjoyed a lot


Hello classmates! 🙂



Look at Ckloy being so attentive XD


We were provided with notebooks so we could write down important information during the lectures

Sir Ador taught us about ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, etc.


My attempt at panning


Playing around with the white balance


I really enjoyed our first day.  A lot of people have tried to discourage me from enrolling in a basic photography class since they think that I can learn these things through the internet, but it’s just not the same as having an actual person in front of you talking about their experiences.  We asked a lot of questions and discovered many of new things about our cameras.

Our second day focused on composition


Our lecturer was Mr. Amir Alba.  He was Ckloy’s favorite.  Like Sir Ador, he shared some of his own experiences and gave us lots of helpful tips for shooting in different conditions.

We had a practice portrait shoot outside that afternoon.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a model available so Sir Amir “volunteered” me for the job.  I was willing to help out, even though it felt super awkward posing in front of so many cameras!  (But at least I now have an idea what celebrities on the red carpet feel. J/K!)

Naturally I wasn’t able to take photos during the shoot, but here’s one that was taken by one of our classmates, Ms. Len:

florita siapnao

I couldn’t resist grabbing it from her Facebook because it was one of my favorite shots from that day.  Thanks Ms. Len! 🙂  (If I had known I was going to get dozens of pictures taken that day I would have chosen something nicer to wear.  I dressed really casually that morning because I knew we had a practice shoot scheduled and I wanted to be comfortable…  I never expected that I would be on the other side of the camera.)

I didn’t get much practice, being the subject and all, but here’s a quick shot I took of Ckloy outside the studio:


(Our lecturer asked us to submit our best shot from the practice shoot, and since I didn’t have one of myself, I submitted this XD)

Our third day was lead by Mr. Joey Tanedo, a professor of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman


He talked about the elements of design and how we should compose our photos to make them visually pleasing


An illustration of how darker colors appear to “move away” while lighter colors “move forward”

For our 4th session, we had Mr. Vic Sison as our lecturer


He describes himself as a “paintographer” because he combines painting and photography to create his images.  (Sort of like a more traditional photomanipulation.)

This was the day I enjoyed the most because our topic was basic lighting and portraiture, which I’m very much interested in.  Also, Sir Vic was my favorite out of all the speakers.  He gave a lot of good tips, shared many interesting stories and you could tell he was really passionate about his job.  He knew how grab the audience’s attention and how to make the class laugh.


My favorite part was when he personally showed us the difference between male poses and female poses


He also demonstrated how lighting plays a huge part in creating the mood in portraits


This was an example of how we can play around with light.  This was shot in the dark with a slow shutter speed using only a flashlight as the light source.  The model had to stay very still while Sir Vic “painted” the wings and halo behind her.


We had another practice shoot that afternoon.  Sir Vic showed us some popular poses first before he started asking for “volunteers” from the class.  I was sitting in the very front, so I ended up being the first “volunteer”.

(I grabbed a few photos from some of my classmates’ Facebook page, I hope they don’t mind)

maricel pedire

Here one taken by Ms. Maricel Pedire

zethrock cortez

And another one by Mr. Steve Cortez.   The camera I’m holding belongs to Sir Vic.  It’s one of those mirrorless interchangeable lens types.  He brought two of them with him that day to show the class (a Sony and an Olympus – I can’t really remember which one I’m holding but I think it’s the Olympus).

Another reason I enjoyed this day the most was because of the lovely birthday surprise RedPill Productions prepared for Ms. Len, Ms. Chloe and me:

Ronaldo Arban Paet2

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Ronaldo Paet)

Thanks RedPill for the cake and birthday wishes 🙂

The final day of our workshop by lead by Mr. Chris Malinao:


He talked about digital workflow and introduced us to Adobe Lightroom.  (I’m more of a Photoshop user myself, but Lightroom looks pretty interesting too.)

We also had a guest speaker that day, Mr. Joel Forte from the Samahang Litratista ng Rizal (SLR).  He’s won many photography contests and he shared some of his work with us.


Mr. Lito Beltran (the president of FPPF) and Mr. George Cabig were there to judge our final photos


Our entries on display for judging

Sadly, Ckloy and I didn’t win the photo competition, but we were pretty lucky when it came to the raffle draws.  Ckloy won 2 tickets to Splash Island and my name was picked for the grand prize – a P2000 discount coupon for the next advanced photography workshop!  Weeeee~  I wasn’t planning on enrolling for the advanced photography workshop yet (since I wanted to “master” the basics first), but it would be pretty stupid of me to let this go.  Which is why I signed Ckloy and me up for the upcoming FPPF Advanced Photography Workshop this November to December.  Our first class is this Sunday, and we can’t wait!  I hope it would be as great as our Basic Photography workshop experience 😀

To wrap up this entry, here are our class photos taken at the end of each session (which I grabbed from Matrix Photostudio’s Facebook page XD)







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