INSTABITS : November 2012

I can’t believe it’s December already!  (There are snowflakes on my blog again, aren’t they pretty?)  2012 went by so fast!  There are only 25 days left in the year, so let’s make the most of them 😀

Anyway, here’s my Instagram dump for November

photo (5)

 Ezra and I found this adorable soap dispenser at Daiso.  It’s not really something I need, but it was too cute to resist.


Blurry screencap of a scene from Bokura Ga Ita.  Ezra and I were able to get a copy and watch it earlier this month.  This was one of my favorite animes so I was really happy that they made a live action for it.  (And I couldn’t be happier about who they chose to play Yano and Nana XD). Watching this movie made me realize how much I’ve missed J-doramas.  For the past two years I’ve only been watching K-dramas, but I think it’s time for me to revisit some of my old J-drama favorites.


Anime version of Yano and Nana (which I found online).  They’re so cute~  Thinking of reading the manga again.

Amie was really stressed out at the beginning of the month (since she’s part of our institute’s registration committee), so she suggested that we bake some cookies to relax her.  We invited April along and we made sugar cookies and rum balls.  Ezra and I have made sugar cookies many times before, but this was our first time to make rum balls.  They turned out to be really yummy (and super easy to make) so we ended up making another batch a week after this 🙂


Brinks posted a picture of taho earlier this month and I’ve been craving it since then.  Luckily, one weekend I woke up just in time to catch the taho guy passing in front of our house 😀  (Btw, have you tried flavored taho before?  Aside from strawberry taho in Baguio, I never knew they came in different flavors.  Ezra and I found a stall in the mall selling all sorts of flavors last week and we got so excited. She tried the almond and I had the coffee flavored taho.  Yummm~)


Camille came over one weekend.  She was at a party nearby and she asked me to pick her up so we can hang out.  We spent the afternoon watching youtube videos and the first season of Suburgatory


Ckloy and me ❤


Moonleaf~  I love milk tea, but unfortunately I can’t drink a lot because caffeine makes me stomach behave weirdly 😦


Chaos at the Physics Division!  We decided to have a faculty lounge where we can entertain guests and store reading materials, which meant that we had to do some office shuffling to clear out a room.  I didn’t have that much trouble moving since I only have a handful of things at the office, but some of our senior faculty had to temporarily store their belongings in one of the empty classrooms while we organized ourselves.  I’m going to miss my old room, but I love that I’m back in the same office I had back in 2006-2009.


I’m also super happy to be room mates with Amie (and Kat, who isn’t in the picture) again.  I only wish April transferred to our room too, that would have made it more fun. (Amie was preparing for her lecture and I forced her into this shot XD)


And another thing I love about my new office is that it comes with a large mirror XD  We didn’t have one in my old room so I always had to go to Amie’s room to use their mirror.  And now it’s ours, mwahahaha~  (I bought this shirt from April.  I love how comfy it is.)


My typical 7-11 merienda.  I always get the creamy cheese dog or bola bola siopao when I’m there.  I tried this digestion drink for the first time (since I ended up liking the collagen variant).  It was good but I can’t really say if it did anything for my digestion.


One of my favorite shirts this month.  Many people have been fooled and thought I was really wearing overalls.


Ezra treated Brinks and me to dinner at Max’s one Saturday since she got her first paycheck this month 🙂


Switched glasses with Brinks while waiting for our food to arrive.  We pretty much have the same terrible vision.


The next day, Ezra treated the entire family to a Korean dinner at 88 Resort and Spa.  We loved the samgyupsal!  Yummm~


I mentioned in my FPPF Basic Photography Workshop entry that I signed Ckloy and me up for their Advanced Photography Workshop.  We had our first meeting last November 18.  We didn’t get ID’s this time, but I love the bag tags they gave us.  (They say “PHOTOGRAPHER” on the back XD


We were bored at the office one afternoon so we ended up playing around with April ‘s funky shades


Pink overload!!  (I have picts of April, Kat and Amie too, but I’m not sure they would want me to post them XD)


Day 2 of our photography workshop was a model shoot.  That’s Ms. Portia taking a picture of our model, Ms. Joanna.


Last Friday was a holiday so our family to Festival Mall to buy my mom her first smart phone.  We also dropped by ATC to pick up my dad’s and Ezra’s new phone and tablet. We took this shot while we were waiting for my parents to pick out cases for their new gadgets.


Saw this sign outside the Samsung store where my mom bought her phone.  (Ezra: “I’m hungry. Maybe I should buy a phone to get a free meal…” XD)


Ez with her early Christmas present, a Samsung Galaxy S3.  She got the white diamonds hard case for it and it came with a mega sparkly screen protector 😀

And that’s it for my November posts.  I didn’t upload much since I was once again busy with work this month.  I was assigned to teach a new subject this semester and all my free time these days goes into preparing for that 🙂


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