Old Multiply blog entries – part 4

More of my old posts from my Multiply blog.  I think the site will be removing our posts soon, so I’m rushing to transfer these.  Luckily I cross-posted a lot of them on my dA account years ago so at least I don’t have to move those entries.  But here are more of the ones I want to keep (even though some of them are horribly written …).

Title : The White Rabbit

Date : September 3, 2007

And no, I don’t mean the candy …

Yesterday was a different kind of day for so many different reasons. But I suppose what made it stand out is the white rabbit … but this is no fairy tale.

My story starts out like this … (nyak! Di daw fairy tale noh?!) … just kidding.

Anyway, after months of not seeing each other, I was able to meet up with my two good friends, Ena and Dyason. They came straight to our house after the Alumni Homecoming. I picked them up at our kanto at 6:30 am and headed straight to McDo to buy breakfast, where we also met up with Ckloy. We took our food and headed back home.

This is where it gets strange (okay … maybe not *that* strange…).

While we were in my car waiting for the Bangie to open the gate I saw a white furry thing crawling along the mini-garden in front of our house. I thought it was a cat at first (I have really bad eyesight), but then I noticed that its ears seem to be longer than normal. So I asked Ckloy “Ano yun? Rabbit?” Then he got all excited and started saying “Kuneho! Kuneho!” and jumped out of the car to go to the mysterious creature. (Deadma lang si Ena at Dyason dahil nakatulog na sila sa backseat.)

Anyway, it turned out that the rabbit belonged to our neighbor and it managed to escape from its cage (and their house) earlier that day. We found out after we rabbit-napped it and brought it back to our house. Bangie noticed that our neighbors seem to be looking for something, so she took the rabbit over there to bring it back. T_T  Sad … I wanted to keep it.  Whatever happened to “Finder’s Keepers, Loser’s Weepers?” … just kidding! ^_^

Title : Attack of the Chibis

Date : September 18, 2007

So I’m still enjoying myself on DeviantArt.   But I got bored with photomanipulations, I’m doing fanarts now. My first few pieces were .. umm … let’s just say you can tell that I’m new at this. But hopefully I’m showing some improvement. I keep changing my style every time, but I discovered that I really like drawing chibis. Probably because you can’t really mess up with them, they’re pretty much deformed in their own way already, so it’s fine if they end up looking weird ^_^ And of course, they’re really so cute.  I think I’ll be sticking to this style for a while.

I’ve reached 200 pageviews on my account. I’m really happy because the 200th view was made exactly 1 month after I joined DA. Astig noh?  To celebrate, I made my first deviantID!  Chibi-style of course ^_^

If you want to check out my page and gallery, here’s the link again:


Present notes: Eventually I did give up drawing and shifted back to photomanipulations and photography (as you all may know) XD

Title : Featured

Date : Sept 22 2007

I’ve been featured!

Well … actually my art has been featured ^_^ On someones journal in Deviant Art.

Two days ago a stock artist left me a message on my dA account. She said that she liked my photo manipulations and asked if I would be willing to use her stock. Since this was the first time someone asked me a favor on dA, I was more than happy to do so. Although at the time I was feeling a bit lazy (it was around 11pm already) and was not in the mood do to a photomanip (I’m still in my chibi-obsessed phase), so I wanted to finish her request ASAP.   I took two images from her gallery and a random background from another stock artist, put them together and submitted the finished product. It took me about an hour to finish, probably the shortest time I ever spent on a piece.

But apparently I did a good job because just a few minutes after posting my photomanip, I already had a few views and a couple of comments from other deviants. And now, my favorite brush artist left me a note to tell me that she featured my work in her journal because I used her brushes. This was new to me because I’ve used her brushes for practically every photomanip I did, but it turned out she liked my last piece enough to feature it in her journal, along with 6 other artworks. Ang saya!

So anyway, if you guys want to see the piece that was featured, here’s the link:

Present notes : One glance at my old piece and I can already point out several things wrong with it, lol.  But I should be happy because that shows that my photomanip (and photography) skills have improved a little throughout the years.  Since then I’ve gotten many features (on other works), and even a Daily Deviation 😀  (It’s also a sign of how sweet the dA community is for always leaving me with nice comments that encourage me to get better.  ILY DA!)  Unfortunately the journal entry I’m talking about in this entry no longer exists so I can’t link you guys to that.  But I’d like to mention that the brush artist who featured me (it was my very first feature on dA) is still my favorite brush artist up to this day.  In fact, I link back to her all the time on my 52-week project posts, so you might be familiar with her already.  She goes by “redheadstock” on deviantArt, but her official website is ObsidianDawn.com 😀

Title : Wednesday’s Wall of Wows

Date : Oct 4, 2007

Yes, I know,  today’s a Thursday – my most hectic day of the week, and this one just wasn’t any better than the past Thursdays I’ve had. Thursdays blesses me with three laboratory classes, which means I start my work day at 7am and end it at 7pm. The only break I get is between 1 to 4pm.  But not today because I had a 1-3pm meeting. This meant I only had one hour free the entire day, and it wasn’t even a break … I used that one hour to finish making my exam for my 4pm class. Not my idea of fun …

But despite this super hectic day, I’m still very happy. I had a nice little surprise today when I opened my dA account … I’ve been featured again ^_^ In Sophquest’s (a deviant) newsletter called the Wednesday’s Wall of Wows. I’m so happy ^_^

Personally I like my previous piece better, but I’m not complaining. A feature is a feature. Last time there were 6 of us who were featured in someone’s journal. Now there’s about 150 of us who were featured in a newsletter 😀

The theme this week was Feminine Mystique. Here’s the link to the news article:

And here’s a link to my work that was featured:

Title : Bamboo Fun

Date : Nov 25, 2007


I finally got a drawing tablet! 😀

My parents came home yesterday from LA with my new Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet. I’ve been hearing about drawing tablets on dA for sometime now, but I haven’t really had any experience with one. Finally, after much begging, they got me the new Bamboo Fun.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I thought it would be just like drawing on paper … but it’s actually very different. You have to get used to drawing on the tablet pad while keeping your eyes on the monitor because that’s where the actual drawing appears. I’m still having an extremely hard time, so I guess I won’t be able to draw with it for a while. Practice muna …

Here’s a picture of my tablet and my laptop (which I doodled on). I know, I write like a child, but I’m blaming the tablet. I swear, I have a lot of practicing to do.

Present Notes : I used my Wacom Bamboo Fun for 4 years before it died on me.  To replace it, I bought the Wacom Bamboo Connect Tablet last December.

Title : … and this little piggy went Wii Wii Wii~

Date : Dec 29, 2007 

This Christmas, my parents got Ezra and me a Nintendo Wii!

It came as a total surprise to us because they already bought me a new tablet and Ezra a laptop last November when they went to LA. They told us that these were their early presents for us, so we figured we wouldn’t be getting anything more this Christmas. But when it was time for us to open the presents on Christmas eve, my mom (with a large smile on her face) handed us a tiny box. We were confused, I mean what could possibly be in this box that could top a laptop and a tablet? We were even more confused when we opened it and found a tiny yellow post-it inside … but our confusion turned to excitement when we noticed the words “Nintendo Wii” written on it 😀

It turned out that they emailed my cousin (Ate Maryann) who would be visiting us from LA.  They asked her to find us a Nintendo Wii and bring it with her when she visits. Pretty clever of them, don’t you think?  Using decoy presents and asking someone else to bring the actual one to fool us 😀  Anyway we’ve been having a blast playing ever since we opened it. It’s really cool!


Title : Pi-chan: PSP Madness

Date : Jan 14, ’08

I have a new techie-baby: my new PSP Slim! 😀

I decided to call her Pi-chan. And yes, my PSP is a girl because I said so. And because she’s adorably pink ^___^

Raffy’s mom bought him a PSP for xmas. At first I couldn’t see why people bothered buying this new gaming platform (if you could call it that) … I mean one game costs about 3000Php! Sure, the unit maybe affordable, but how long is one game going to keep your interest? Then I discovered (through Raffy) that if you get it modified, you can just save different games and they only cost 100Php per download! You can even download (*ahem* pirate *ahem*) some games from the internet for “free”. Plus … this is what won me over … with the proper conversion tools, you can play PS1 games on your PSP! FF8 wherever I go? Hell yeah!!!

But I was trying to hold out until summer so I can get my unit in the States when we go there. It’s way cheaper over there. But when I saw the pink PSP yesterday I cracked … I ended up buying it. However, if I think about it, there really isn’t that much of a price difference if you add the cost of modification and all the add-ons that Raffy made to his unit.

So last night I stayed up until the wee hours downloading Bust A Groove 2 for my PSP. Raffy was kind enough to stay up with me (via YM) just so he could instruct me on how to convert the downloaded game and save it to Pi-chan. My future game downloads: Tenchu, Katamari , CTR and FF8 (if I can get it … I mean that’s what convinced me to buy the unit in the first place)

Although Pi-chan was my (late) 2nd xmas gift to myself, I haven’t really had much time with her. Ezra’s been having too much fun beating up Jin and Kazuya (Poor Kame-chan and Bakanishi ^___^) in Tekken: The Dark Resurrection and showing off her dance skills in Bust A Groove 2 since yesterday. I must have played with MY PSP for about a total of 2 hours since yesterday, while she hardly lets go of it XD She’s even unlocked most of the costumes in Tekken already!

Anyway I’m still discovering the wonders of my new toy. I’ve already placed in a NEWS wallpaper and some NEWS songs inside. I’m thinking of putting in some NEWS videos so I can watch them wherever I go too ^_____^

PSP collage-small

Present Notes : I should probably mention that I was OBSESSED with JE boys back then.  This explains the NEWS and KAT-TUN references. 

Title : My Feb Fair Experience

Date : Feb 17, 2008

Eversince I was young I’ve always looked forward to UPLB’s Feb Fair. It’s changed a lot since then. Mainly its gotten smaller. I remember when they used to have rides and a lot more commercial booths.

As I grew older the things I looked forward to regarding the fair changed. When I was younger I wanted to go for the rides. In highschool and college I went for the food and for shopping. After I graduated, I now go to see my old friends who take the time to visit during the event.

The fair was a week-long event and I went almost everyday. I missed out on Tuesday since I was asleep most of the afternoon. Yesterday was most fun because I got to see old friends. I met up with Kup, Camille and Moy and even got to see Ena, Dyason and Leni again.


I also managed to buy some nice stuff at this year’s fair. Ezra and I bought a Kame-chan each (Turtle plushies) on V-day as presents for each other. People ended up laughing at me as I carried the two large things back to Psay (ewan ko ba bakit hindi si Ezra nagbuhat nung sa kanya. At bakit kasi neon green sila kaya kita kahit sobrang layo?). Anyway it was worth it to see Ckloy making them do headbangs and waving them at random people out the window as we drove through campus.


I also got to buy an “orange shiny thing” for P20! Its the same one that Hiroto (Kame-chan! Kyaaaa~) gave Nao in Tatta Hitotsu No Koi (I love that series!~). In the series Hiroto won it at a mini game during a festival for Nao. Its one of my favorite scenes in the series (kakakilig!) I placed it near my bed so I can see it first thing in the morning XD


Moy thanks for letting us hang out in your booth!~ We had fun playing with the clothes and bikinis. (Lalo na si Ezra)

Camille wag parating SMF ha? Napagkakatuwaan ka tuloy masyado nila Brinks XD

Brinky musta na pakiramdam mo? XD Too much paper kasi e… next time na kakain ka ng shawarma make sure you remove ALL the wrapper okie?

Let’s hope next year’s fair will be this much fun~


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