(EZRA) 46/52 : Breathe and let go

My parents got me a Yongnuo YN-560 II speedlight flash as an early Christmas present the other week. Ezra and I have been having fun playing around with it. I’ve been meaning to get a flash for so long, but I just kept putting it off.  I somehow deluded myself into thinking that I can get the same effects through Photoshop.  How silly of me.  Anyway, my dad also let me borrow his old Pentax AF 280T flash. He bought it back in 1983 and it’s still in good working condition. Can you believe I’m using a flash that’s older than me?

Ezra and I have been trying to do high key and low key shoots based on some tutorials I found on youtube. This was one of our successful attempts 🙂  We shot this in the gym with the lights on.  I put my flash on a tripod, about an arm’s length away from her.  I set it a little below a foot above her head at around 45 degrees.  The camera settings I used were ISO 400, f/11 and 1/125 shutter speed.  I’m not sure if those are the proper settings (or set up) to use when doing low key photography since my approach was mostly trial and error.  But we liked how it turned out, so we’re happy 🙂


One thought on “(EZRA) 46/52 : Breathe and let go

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