Nuvali adventure

In my September INSTABITS entry, I mentioned that Brinks and I went on a little adventure after she taught me how to operate my phone’s GPS and map app. It actually all started when I asked her to come with me to the National Art Center so I could take some landscape shots for my photography class. I was planning on taking some shots of the view, but it ended up raining pretty hard when we got there and the fog covered everything up.


 That didn’t stop me from trying to take pictures at first


Unfortunately the weather was really bad and my persistence wasn’t enough to get a good shot. Also, I didn’t want my lovely new camera to get soaked (since it was only about a week old at the time), so we decided to call it quits

 I did manage to get these two nice shots of Brinks though:



And she got this one of me (I let her borrow my old Rebel):


Since the rain literally washed away our plans for the afternoon, we decided to look for something else to do.  None of our other friends were in town, so we figured we might as well go on a little adventure.  That’s how we ended up in Nuvali.



 It’s all because of this kupo here

Anyway, we just wandered around looking for things to do. I found this optical shop and decided to get the nose pads on my old driving glasses replaced. Brinky got bored waiting and took pictures of herself:


The clicking of the camera attracted me so I jumped in the shot with her XD


Afterwards we found Krispy Kremes and bought a box each for pasalubong to our families:




We also came across this outdoor bazaar where we ended up buying a few shirts for only P100 each.





Necklaces!  (Love this shot that Brinks took)

It was getting pretty late after this so we decided to grab some Yellowcab for dinner and head home.



Hungry Kup


I took bokeh shots while waiting for our food to arrive

The rain was getting worse so we finished our food quickly and headed back home.  Thankfully we made it back without any major problems.  Although we did make a wrong turn somewhere and almost ended up back in Nuvali, but Brinks was able to navigate me back to the right road XD


Thanks for the adventure Kup!


(And thanks to Google Maps for making sure we don’t get lost.   Ah technology, what would we do without you~)


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