Week 47/52 : Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

~Dale Carnegie

Ckloy took this shot of me last week. It was our 7th anniversary that day.  Normally I post something with hearts or Ckloy’s name on our special week, but I was just too busy this year.  I asked Ckloy if we could maybe take pictures together instead, but we didn’t have time to do that either.  Although he did manage to take this picture of me on our actual anniversary, so it’s still something special.

We spent our 7th anniversary at the Grand Villa Resort and Butterfly Center.  Unfortunately, we didn’t really go there to relax.  We’re currently enrolled in FPPF’s advanced photography workshop and our lesson for that day was travel photography.  To make it more hands-on, the organizers arranged for the class to visit the resort so we could take pictures there for our final photo contest.  Basically we spent our anniversary attending class, but it was a field trip (sort of) so we still enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Happy 7 years Ckloy! I love you baby!


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