(EZRA) 47/52 : It finally begins…

Inspired by the Rurouni Kenshin movie.  We’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD but, luckily, SM Cinema took pity on Filipino fans and decided to show it.  We watched it last week.  It was awesome!   It made me miss the anime so much that I’m planning on watching the whole series again 😀

Rurouni Kenshin was Ezra’s favorite anime growing up.  She’s been a huge fan ever since we saw a random episode on AXN when we were in high school.  She loved the anime so much that she thought no actor could ever do Kenshin justice.  We were so glad to be proven wrong.  Sato Takeru is the perfect Kenshin.  (Our first choice was actually Kamenashi Kazuya, but Sato Takeru looks like him anyway so we were pretty close XD)

Ezra had to dig around our attic to find her old sword for this shot.  It used to belong to my dad but he gave it to her during her Rurouni Kenshin fangirl days.  She used to keep it in her room but he put it in the attic for safekeeping after she “accidentally” poked a large hole in her window while she was playing with it.

I used two strobes for this shot.  One was aimed at the wall for the high key effect, while the other was bounced off the ceiling to bring some light to her face. This was the effect we were going for:


But we decided to do in color instead of black and white.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out.   This is probably one of my favorite portraits of her for 2012.


2 thoughts on “(EZRA) 47/52 : It finally begins…

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