Tagaytay : Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort

For my mom’s birthday this year, our family booked one weekend at the Crosswinds Resort in Tagaytay.  My mom found the place online and she decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday there.  We left our house around noon because check in time was at 2pm.


The entrance to the resort


Pine trees!  I felt like I was in Baguio 😀


Check out those cottages.  Aren’t they so adorably quaint?




It was super windy that day

We stopped by the lobby first to check in before exploring the place



My parents making the arrangements


The lobby had a large mirror on one of the walls

My parents booked a one bedroom suite on the 5th floor.  Their plan was to just get two extra beds for Ezra and me.  They had the hotel staff set them up in the living room.

Here are some pictures of the room:




Dining table for four


Some of the cute decorations


Mirror shot in the bathroom


TV area


The extra beds for Ezra and me

Ezra was happy to find that the TV had an HDMI slot, so she immediately hooked her iPad up.


My dad testing his new camera while Ezra watched Arang and the Magistrate

After dropping our stuff off, we headed back outside to take pictures around the compound.


Waiting for the elevator.  (One thing we didn’t really like about the place was how slow the elevator was!   There was only one in the building and it takes forever.)


In front of the lobby entrance





IMG_3610a (1)aa


Mowdel Ezra


We loved the pine trees so we decided to have one of Ezra’s self portraits there

IMG_3690a (1)


My dad took pictures of me taking pictures of Ezra XD

IMG_3690a (1)a

My parents – lost in the woods XD

IMG_3690a (2)

Another shot my dad took.  It’s so candid but I love it.

After driving around a bit, we found this beautiful place with these huge stone pillars:



And I mean HUGE!

IMG_3705 copy

This was where we shot my 44th self portrait this year

IMG_3708a (1)

Impromptu shoot with Ezra

IMG_3708a (2)

Another one with the pine trees nearby.  (She was seriously behind on her 52-week project at the time and we were trying to catch her up.)

IMG_3708a (2)a

I really like this shot my mom took.  The place looks like something out of a fairy tale because of the sun peeking through the trees.

IMG_3708a (3)

Caught chimping XD

My parents patiently waited for us while I took pictures of Ezra.  When I glanced down at them, this was what I saw:


Paparazzi parents, lol

Before leaving the compound to go sightseeing, we stopped by the entrance to take pictures with the cute display they had there.

IMG_3752a (1)

IMG_3770a (5)


There was also a HUGE Christmas tree there, but it was so big that it was hard to get the whole thing in one shot while we were that close.  (If only I brought my wide angle lens with me … but you can see it if you scroll back up and look at the very first photo in this entry.)

After this we just went around the city to explore and attend mass at the church nearby.  We didn’t really get that much sight seeing done since it was already late afternoon when we started.

IMG_3770a (1)

We dropped by Good Shepherd to buy some ube and empanada

When we got hungry again, we stopped by Chow King for some chow pao and siomai.

IMG_3770a (3)

IMG_3770a (2)

This girl wants to eat me!

Since we were tired from travelling and wanted to just rest and enjoy our suite that night, we grabbed some take out from Mang Inasal before heading home.  (It was my dad’s first Mang Inasal experience.)

Back at the resort, we discovered that the air conditioner in the living room (where Ezra and I were supposed to sleep) couldn’t be adjusted.  The problem was it was stuck on high, which made the room feel like we were in the arctic.  We called the lobby and they told us that the thermostat was broken.  They told us they wouldn’t be able to fix it, so my dad asked them if they planned on letting us freeze that night (he was mad that they didn’t tell us about the problem immediately when we booked the room, and that we had to find out for ourselves).  They apologized and offered Ezra and me a room of our own, just a few doors down from our parent’s suite.  So in the end, things turned out okay.





Actually, I’d say that they turned out better than okay.  Ezra and I loved our room 😀

(The only thing we didn’t like was that the air conditioner in this room kept dripping all night so we woke up to find our bags soaking wet.  Luckily they were made with some kind of heavy canvas-like material so the water only reached the bottom layer, which were mostly clothes.  We dried them using the hair dryer.)

IMG_3775a (2)

Thanks for the free room Crosswinds!

We spent of the rest of the evening relaxing.  We ate our take out food in my parents’ suite, then Ezra and I went back to our room to watch Running Man before going to bed 🙂

EDIT : Part 2 of our Tagaytay weekend can be found HERE


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