INSTABITS : December 2012

Last INSTABITS post for 2012 🙂  There was a lot of fun things to do this month so this entry’s a bit longer than usual.


Started the month off by going to SM Calamba with Ezra.  We met Ckloy there to watch part 2 of the Breaking Dawn movie.  Ezra treated us because it was our anniversary the next day.


Ckloy and I spent our 7th anniversary attending the 3rd session of FPPF”s Advanced Photography workshop.  We had a field trip that day because our topic was Travel Photography 🙂  Happy 7 years baby~  I love you!


It’s become tradition that we start decorating our house for Christmas on December 1.  We were a bit late this year because we had to get a bunch of our Christmas lights fixed.


But the wait was worth it.  I especially love our house this time of the year 🙂


Since I’m part of the Socials Committee (and I’m a “new” faculty member – again, sorta …) I was asked to take part in this year’s Faculty Follies.  The last time I joined was back in 2006, when I first started teaching at the Physics Division.  Back then I was the only Physics representative so I felt a bit lonely during the practices we had, but this time I had Kat, Hahriz and April with me so I had a lot of fun.  (Amie was supposed to be part of the group too, but she injured her foot and had to drop out T__T)  Here’s a group shot of team IMSP/UPRHS during our dress rehearsal.


More pictures taken during dress rehearsal


Physics people playing around with the giant iPad/iPhone props during practice.  We didn’t win, but I had a lot of fun.  (The champions were actually the College of Economics and Management, so congratulations to my mom and her group ^__^)


Random shirt I bought at Festival Mall.  It has eyelashes 🙂


Every year our family goes to Kalayaan and Sta. Cruz to visit churches.  We usually do this around December.  It’s also become tradition that we grab lunch at Exotik Restaurant near the Kalayaan church.  I can’t remember the first time we ate here, but I think it was around 2004.


Here’s what we usually order there : sizzling bulalo (Ezra’s and my favorite) and kare kare (my parent’s favorite).  Just thinking about these dishes makes my mouth water~  And we also always get their mais con hielo for dessert.


The topic for day 4 of our photography workshop was tabletop/food photography.  Here’s Sir Vic showing us how to use a flashlight to create cool effects.  The food we used for our subject was provided by Bonitos.


Random poster of the Rurouni Kenshin movie.  I’ve mentioned in some of my previous entries that I was finally able to watch it sometime this month.  It was awesome~


Love this dress that my grandma altered for me. It was huge and shapeless when I first got it but she did her magic and voila! It now fits perfectly 🙂


Around mid December, my hyperacidity started acting up again.  It was so bad that I had to miss 3 days of work.  On the 2nd day, my dad took me to the doctor and she suggested I do an H.pylori test.  It’s a bacteria that lives in the stomach which can cause hyperacidity.  (Actually, based on my medical records, a doctor already recommended I do the test back in 2008, but I guess I never got around to it.)  The results confirmed the presence of H.pylori so the doctor prescribed some medicine for it.  I found out that many adults have this bacteria but a lot of them are not affected by it.  But those who are need to get treated because it can lead to ulcers or stomach cancer in the future, eeeek.


Look at all these pills I had to take.  (I’m actually still taking some of them right now).  The doctor told me to take two kinds of antibiotics for the H.pylori.  My dad told me that all these pills cost a little over P7000!  Whoa~


With the help of the medicine, I got better in time to attend the last day of classes, as well as the IMSP Christmas party.  (Blog entry to follow soon, I hope …)  this was the dress I wore.


The 5-day advanced photography workshop that Ckloy and I signed up for ended last December 16.   Here’s a picture Ckloy took me of with my certificate of completion.


We also had our photo contest that day.  My photo won 2nd place in the bridal photography category, weee~ (And I also placed 9th for overall performance, hurray!  Here’s the link to PhotoWorld Manila’s blog post.)


Brinky borrowed my old Rebel XTi back in November and she returned it mid December (because she now has her own camera, yay!).  I missed my darling Rebel 🙂 It feels so light and tiny after months of using the 60D.


My hair was feeling a little dead so I invited some of my officemates to get a hair spa with me 😀  Say hi to Kat, Maam Ianne and April.


After all the pampering, my hair became shiny and smooth once again 🙂


Ezra picked me up from the salon and we dropped by Carabao Park to admire all the pretty lights.


To try to get my hair a bit healthier, I decided to start using Human Nature products because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.  I still have a bunch of drugstore hair products at home which I have to use up but hopefully I’ll be able to transition into organic products completely once I finish those up.  I actually tried using the Human Nature shampoo and conditioner back in the 2010, but I didn’t like them that much.  However, I love these new ones they have.  The ones I tried in the past made my hair a bit stiff, but these make it super soft and smooth.


Since the Christmas decorations were up on campus, Ezra and I brought my camera with us one evening to take some pictures.  Here we are with one of Santa’s reindeer.


And here’s another one with a soldier/Nutcracker dude.  We used my tripod to take these pictures since it was only the two of us.


Speaking of tripods, my dad just gave me another one a few weeks ago.  (Well, he let me “borrow” it, but it’s been in my room ever since XD).  I now have three of these babies.  The smallest one on the left is the one I used from 2009 till September this year.  The Solidex one in the middle is my favorite and it’s the one I’m currently using.  My dad bought it back when we were in Myanmar and he decided to give it to me for my birthday this year (along with my new 60D).  The one on the right is the new Benro one that my dad bought a few weeks ago.


Random mirror shot I took while I was shooting my 51st self portrait this year


Since my red hair has faded completely, I decided to dye my hair medium ash brown again.  It turned out much darker than what I expected.  In fact, it looks black!  But it’s finally starting to fade.  Hopefully the brown will show up better after a few more washes.


Ezra came with me to buy Christmas gifts for my girls.  We dropped by Moonleaf on our way home and ordered their lychee and passionfruit yakult.  Yummm~


While shopping for presents, I found this little stand thing for your phone/iPod.  I decided to get it because it’s useful when I want to read ebooks (or watch videos on my phone) while eating XD


“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart”.  (Took this picture of my favorite girls after our barkada Christmas party)


Christmas gifts from the girls.  Makeup pouch and sweets from Aprille, donut lip gloss from Brinks, hand sanitizer spray from Ves and these screw in pins from Moy.  Thanks girls!


Ninang arrived at our house on the 23rd, and she brought my photobook with her 🙂  We ordered it through MyPublisher and had it shipped to her house in California  since they don’t do international shipping.  This is a compilation of my blog entries on our family vacations in Singapore/Malaysia.  As you probably know, my parents read my blog and they really like my vacation posts so they asked me to turn them into a photobook.


Ninang also brought this photobook that my dad created.  It’s a compilation of  Ezra’s and my graduation photos.  He even scanned our graduation certificates and included them in the book.

IMG_7071 copys

To welcome Ninang and Mama Darling, we had lunch at Isdaan.  Ckloy arrived from Manila just in time to join us 🙂  (I wasn’t able to post this photo on Instagram but I decided to throw it in this entry anyway XD)


After our lunch at Isdaan, Raffy, Ckloy, Ezra and I took the bus to SM Calamba to watch Rurouni Kenshin again.  We also grabbed the chance to do some last minute Christmas shopping.  Ezra and I dropped by the IN2IT counter  to pick up some lipsticks for Ninang and Mama Darling.  The SA there was super nice and she managed to convince me to get this pallete.  Can’t wait to try it out!


On the 24th, we had our annual family Christmas lunch for my mom’s side of the family.  As usual, the cousins and I spent the entire day playing Guitar Hero.


That evening we attended Christmas mass at St. Therese and took family pictures before Noche Buena.  This one’s my absolute favorite photo, mwahahaha~  For those people who are feeling sorry for Ezra, I just want to make it clear that she covered my face first in the shot before this and I just retaliated.


This year, instead of simply relaxing at home and trying to finish all the leftovers from Noche Buena, our family spent Christmas day travelling to Coron, Palawan.  We didn’t expect that many people at the airport because we figured they’d be spending the day at home with their family, but we were wrong.  The place was packed!


On our first day in Coron, we booked a tour to take us island hopping.  Here’s the view from our boat as we headed over to Siete Pecados to go snorkeling.


Group picture that Michelle (our tour guide) took of us after we reached the top of the hill we were climbing to reach Kagayan Lake.  (But that’s not the lake you see behind us, that’s the sea where our boat dropped us off)

The next day we were supposed to go island hopping again, but there was a typhoon so boats weren’t allowed to leave the pier.  Instead, Michelle decided to take us on a city tour.


One of the stops was Mt. Tapyas.  It took us 720 steps to reach the top!


But the view from the top was definitely worth it


Back in LB, Brinks and I decided to meet up one last time before the end of 2012.  We went to SM Calamba to do some shopping and get facials.  We grabbed some merienda first before heading to the derma clinic.


Some of my haul that day : lipstick, nail polish and eye liner from BYS Cosmetics.  This is the first time I’ve heard of them, but their products looked good and the SA was really nice so Brinks and I ended up getting a few things XD  I got the gold eyeliner and sparkly nail polish for myself.  The purple lipstick was my gift for Ezra.


Other stuff I bought included jellybeans, a new mouse and makeup from Maybelline.  I definitely don’t need more makeup but Brinks spent a lot of time at the Maybelline counter (they were having a 30% off sale) so I ended up getting a new lipstick and their pen liquid liner.


When I logged on to my Flickr account to upload my last few self portraits, I found that the Flickr team had a pleasant surprise for its members : a three month free subscription!  😀  Weeee~ Thanks Flickr!


To end this entry, here’s a family photo we took last night on New Year’s Eve.  I don’t know why, but we always wear our Santa hats on this day instead of Christmas.  My dad was trying to cover up Ezra’s face again, but she got away this time XD

And that’s it for my final Instabits entry for 2012.  I’m very happy that I can end this year with a wonderful fun-filled month.  Wishing you guys the best for the new  year!  HAPPY 2013 everyone!


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