Tagaytay – Christmas Village, Picnic Grove, etc

Part two of our Tagaytay weekend getaway last October.  (You can read about part one HERE.)

On our second day in Tagaytay, this was what we we woke up to:

FOG!  Lots and lots of fog!  It rained early that morning and this was the result.

We planned on grabbing breakfast around 8:30 and going sight seeing afterwards, but we had to push our plans back by about an hour because of the fog.  It started clearing up around 9:30 am so we were able to make our way over to the hotel’s restaurant to grab some breakfast.

IMG_0 (1)

We had eggs, waffles, sausages, soup, etc.  Yummy breakfast food perfect for a rainy/cold day.

IMG_0 (2)

IMG_0 (3)

My mom though this large pine cone at the restaurant was cute

By the time we were done eating, the fog had cleared up so we walked around the compound a bit before heading back up to our rooms to get ready for sightseeing:

IMG_0 (4)

IMG_0 (6)

Our plans that day included eating lunch at Josephine’s, dropping by Picnic Grove, and visiting the Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria.  Before doing all that, we dropped by the Christmas Village inside the resort compound first.

IMG_0699 (1)

IMG_0699 (3)

IMG_0699 (2)a

It was only October but they had a lot of cute decorations up already 🙂

IMG_0699 (5)


I found Santa there and tried to flirt with him, but he ignored me …

IMG_0707a (1)

Since Santa didn’t want me, I directed my love to this large Christmas ball instead

IMG_0707a (3)

I wanted to get revenge on Santa for breaking my heart so I tried to break into his house to steal some presents, but Ezra caught and stopped me


Alright Santa, I’ll forgive you if you let us take more pictures around your little village …



IMG_0753a (1)

Ezra took this lovely shot of me

And I took this shot of myself:

IMG_0753a (2)

What do you mean that’s not a picture of me?  Look carefully and try to spot yours truly.



After leaving the resort, our first stop was Tierra de Maria:

IMG_0776a (2)

IMG_0776a (1)


IMG_0776a (3)

IMG_0776a (5)

We prayed for a bit and made a couple of wishes before leaving

Then we headed over to Josephine’s to grab some lunch and take pictures of the view there:

IMG_0798a (2)

My mom told me that my grandparents (from my dad’s side) loved to eat here


We were lucky enough to get a table with a nice view.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we stepped outside to take some pictures:


IMG_0831a (1)

IMG_0831a (2)

IMG_0831a (3)

IMG_0831a (6)

IMG_0798a (1)

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur ….

IMG_0831a (7)

IMG_0831a (8)

I know we just had breakfast a couple of hours ago, but we were starving by this time so we didn’t take any more pictures after our food arrived.  (Hmm … maybe it’s the high altitude that’s making us extra hungry? XD)

Then lastly, we went to Picnic Grove to take more pictures and go horseback riding:


IMG_0886a (3)

There were a lot of people there doing a bunch of picnic-y activities, like flying kites, blowing bubbles, playing tag, etc:

IMG_0886a (1)







It was starting to get dark after this so we were thinking of cancelling our plans to go horseback riding, but the people there (the ones renting out horses) managed to convince us to have a go for 30 minutes (normally you rent the horses for an hour):




(My dad didn’t want to ride a horse so he stayed behind to take pictures)



The horse I’m riding belongs to the dude in red you see in the picture.  I kept fighting with him because he wanted me to make the horse run really fast, while I just wanted to ride leisurely.  He kept chasing the horse and smacking its butt to make it go faster, which scared me.  It’s the not speed that I’m worried about, it’s the idea of falling off my horse and getting trampled on by the other horses in the park.  I told the guy to just leave me alone, but he kept insisting that I would enjoy myself more if I make my horse run.  He has this stupid idea that because I was wearing boots, I must be an experienced rider.  Sayang lang daw ang porma ko kung mabagal kabayo ko!  Well I’m sorry, but I’ve only been on a horse a handful of times and my choice of footwear should not dictate how fast my horse should go.  Hmph~


But other than that, I had fun.  Especially when that guy wasn’t around to smack my horse’s butt – the poor thing.

It got really dark after this and started to rain just as our 30 minutes was up.  Good thing we didn’t sign up for an entire hour of horseback riding.

After this we headed back to our hotel.  We dropped by Max’s Fried Chicken for some take out which we ate for dinner that night in my parent’s room.

The next day we packed up and got ready to head back to LB


One last picture in our room before we left 🙂

On our way home, we stopped by Nuvali for lunch.  Last year we celebrated my mom’s birthday by having lunch at Pig Out there.  We figured it would be nice to eat there again for her birthday this year.  We ordered pretty much the same thing we had back then and it was as yummy as we remembered 🙂



The waiter giving my mom a complimentary sundae for her birthday 🙂

So that’s it for our Tagaytay adventure.  It was just a short getaway, but we had a lot of fun.  Especially since my mom’s birthday falls around the Finals Week of UPLB.  It was a nice break from all the grading and checking we had to do at work.


Goodbye CrossWinds resort~  Hope we can visit you again soon!   And thanks for the birthday treat Mama!  We love you!


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