Old Multiply blog entries – part 5

I think I only have about 2 more of these entries left.  Three at most.  I’m down to the last 2 pages in my old Multiply blog.

Title: My Canon Rebel

Date : May 5, ’08 7:22 AM


Meet my new baby: my Canon Digital Rebel XTi ^_____^

I haven’t given him/her a name (or a gender) yet. I like calling him/her my Canon Rebel because it sounds cool XD I think in Asia this is equivalent to the Canon EOS 400D.

Anyway I was in Fry’s the other day (the largest electronics shop I’ve been to) and was deciding whether I should get a laptop (the pink Vaio), a new digicam (pink of course) or an SLR camera (my dream for so long). Then I figured I don’t really need a new laptop since the one I use is just a bit over 2 years old. It may have some problems, but I was still fine with it. So it was down to the two cameras ….

After more thinking I decided on a digicam since it was much more affordable. I know that my Casio Exilim isn’t even a year old yet, but I hate how it fails in low light conditions. So I thought of getting either the pink Canon or the pink Sony Cybershot with smile shutter which was on sale for $200.

But then my mom comes up to me and tells me that if I have the money, I should just buy the SLR. She knew I’ve wanted one since forever and that was my chance to buy it. It turned out to be a good decision because they happened to have a sale on SLR cameras that day … a sale which would end the next day! So I seized the opportunity and bought my new baby. (I couldn’t afford the Canon 40D … plus I don’t think I’m ready for that yet XD)

I’m still a beginner, and know very little about photography. It was lucky that we met up with my cousin and her husband, who just happened to be a professional photographer, the next day. So I got a free lesson from him ^_____^ We’re going to see each other again next Friday in Vegas, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few more tips from him.

So far I love everything about my Canon Rebel. I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth 😀 And I realized that it is slightly smaller in size compared to most SLR cameras, which is perfect for my tiny hands.

Baks! Photoshoot tayo! Mwahahahaha~

(Photo above was taken by my Casio Exilim … which explains the slight blurring XD)

Present notes: I never did give my camera a name, I just called him “Rebel” 😀  I’m so glad my mom convinced me to get the DSLR.  

Title : I made the right choice ^____^

Date : May 10, ’08 1:23 PM

Another techie baby?

In my previous blog entry I talked  about how I emptied my savings to buy the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.  I mentioned that I had a choice between the SLR, a digicam and a laptop. I eliminated the laptop first since I was happy with my Wanya at home. I chose the SLR over the digicam since I had my Casio.  I was happy with my decision, so you can’t imagine how much my happiness was magnified when my dad announced that he would get me the pink Sony Vaio as an early birthday and xmas present! ^______^

I was really shocked when he offered.  I didn’t even have to ask for it.  He asked me if I was going to buy a laptop here in the states since it’s much cheaper compared to the Philippines.  I told him that I already spent more than I can afford and that I was okay with my current laptop.  Then while Ezra, Kurt and I were at Universal Studios, he went out and bought me my new baby!  I guess he saw how much I loved it at the store.

There’s a scary story behind this laptop …

Like I said, while Ezra, Kurt and I enjoyed ourselves at Universal Studios, my parents and Tita Melda went to Fry’s Electronics to buy my laptop. After they bought it, they decided they want tilapia for lunch, so they stopped by the Filipino store nearby. They parked right in front of the entrance, so they decided it was safe to leave the laptop in the trunk. They were in the shop for about 15 minutes, and my dad stayed by the entrance most of the time to watch over the car. So imagine the shock they received when they got back to the car and discovered the window smashed to bits!!

Of course their first instinct was “OMG! Check the trunk!” (Well … I guess it was different from Tita Melda since it was her car. I suppose her first reaction was “MY CAR!!!”) It turned out that the laptop was still safe in the trunk … for some reason, all the thief stole were Tita Melda’s prescription glasses … I mean its not like he/she’s going to use it.

And the weird thing was, that same day, Ezra, Kurt and I met up with Kurt’s dad at City Walk (which was just outside Universal Studios). He treated us to dinner and told us how someone smashed his car window to try and steal his iPod a few days ago! Luckily (or was it unluckily?) it was only his iPod casing that was in the car, so the thief didn’t really get anything… But still!  Imagine the trauma of having your car window broken just because of something as small as an iPod!


So anyway we learned our lesson. Never leave anything valuable in the car … or anything that appears valuable from the outside. We believe that the thief believed that the eyeglass case was an iPod or GPS case, that’s why it was stolen.

Tita Melda’s got her new glasses and she’s getting her car fixed soon. And I’m happy that my new techie baby wasn’t harmed ^_____^


Title : Home Sweet Home

Date : May 25, ’08 9:41 AM

After about 16 hours of flying time, 3 hours in the car and 7 hours in the airport, we’ve made it back home to sweet LB.

I really didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay another month at least!  My dad tried to move our flight home to next week, but they only had one available slot … which meant we really had to say goodbye. Goodbye to relaxation and hello to stress … (Sabi nga ni Brinks, welcome back to reality, huhuhu)

But there are some things that made coming home worth it.

Akira we missed you!!! How can you not smile after seeing this adorable face? We were happy to see she didn’t grow too much while we were gone. We can still carry her around like a baby, but with great difficulty now XD

Also, Donna and Joy had a pleasant surprise for me in my room: THEY ORGANIZED MY CABINET!


The boxes inside which were normally in a messy state of chaos is now all properly lined up! I can actually tell which is which now. And I don’t have to worry about boxes falling on my head when I open my cabinet door anymore XD  But what won me over to the point that I actually had to take a picture was my clothes … COLOR CODED??? I’ve heard about it being done before, but I never thought I would ever see my clothes this organized!  If you know me, you’d know what a messy person I am. This is not something I would do for myself, hahaha!

(Nagulat ako, kala ko most ng clothes ko pink … black and white pala??? Konti lang pala pink stuff ko, hahaha)

Maraming salamat Joy and Donna ^______^

Title : Wii and PSP : Fake Toys, Real Fun?

Date : Jun 10, ’08 10:33 PM

I just want to share some cool stuff I got during my vacation:


A new PSP! Yay~ Its Piano Black this time ^____^

But putting it side by side to my pink one, something seems different noh?



Hmm … I gues this is the new PSP slim/small?
JK! It’s actually a gift card holder that I got from Gamestop.

There was a funny story that came with this. I bought it cause I thought it was cute and it was only about $3. I never intended to buy a gift card to go along with it. I just wanted the mini PSP ^___^ As I was paying for it, this was my conversation with the cashier dude:

Cashier Dude: Okay, That’s $3.?? for the case, and how much do you want on the gift card?
Me: Oh, I don’t want the gift card, I just want the case
CD: Excuse me?
M: I don’t need a gift card. I’ll just buy the case
CD: <stares at me> Really?
M: Yes
CD: <confused> May I ask why?
M: I just like it
CD: Why?
M: It’s cute!
CD: <looks at me wierd> O~kay … whatever you say…

Wierd ba na gusto ko sya bilhin kahit hindi ko binili yung gift card?? I mean wala naman ako bibigyan nung gift card e! Gusto ko lang talaga yung case kasi ang cute nya, hahaha …

Anyway, here’s another cute item:


My Wiimote~ I bring it everywhere I go, even in the car! *love my red nails, mwahaha*

Fooled you again? Its a gum case! hahaha~ But it looks so much like a real Wiimote. The only difference is that its thinner 😀


This was a gift from Kurt naman when we went to Japan town. It costs about $4. May semi-funny story din to go with it.

When I saw this I really wanted to buy it. But I kept having second thoughts. We kept coming back to the store that sold it cause Ezra kept looking for magazines with Yamapi on the cover. Then when we were about to leave J-town, she had to go to the bathroom, and for some reason we couldn’t find one!  So we asked the saleslady if we could borrow her key to the employee bathroom. (She was very kind and lent it to us). When we went back to return the key, I looked at the Wiimote again and decided to buy it, but Ezra stopped me, saying that I’ll just be wasting my money. When we left the shop, I found out why … Kurt had bought it for me as a gift! hahaha~ Salamat Kurt!

Anyway I just wanted to share my new toys with you guys, hahaha XD

Title :Raffy: My hero!

Date: Jul 7, ’08 10:02 AM


These days, I’ve been overly obsessed with FF8 again 😀  It all started when Ckloy decided to start playing it on the playstation.  I decided to start playing it on the PSP, so we can both be doing something while he’s playing.

I’ve had FF8 disc1 on my PSP for some time now. I think I put it in there before summer vacation even began. But I didn’t want to start playing because I knew for sure I would get addicted. And a few days ago, I discovered I was right~

Anyway, I got the game from my cousin Raffy. He’s the one I run to for all my gaming problems. (And he’s my number 1 source for all the best games. Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon! XD)

Yesterday, Ckloy and I were playing. I’m already on disc2, and have been playing for about 15hours. Then all of a sudden, my game hangs!  Argh!  I did everything, I restarted it, reloaded the game from my laptop, screamed at my PSP … nothing worked … Then I remembered that Raffy warned me the game would not work properly if I didn’t load the proper file in. So I checked in my external hd, and yahoo~ It seemed that he also gave me a copy of the correct file~ … or so I thought.

After loading this file in, the game no longer recognized my saved file! 15 hours of gaming down the drain??! So I tried everything again … I kept reloading the game, going on forums online, buzzing my offline cousin, and shaking my PSP … nada! By midnight I was getting desperate (and sleepy …). I figured that was just it … I made a mistake, and it can’t be corrected. And so I started again … from disc1 … goodbye 15hours …

Or not …

This morning the first thing I did was checked if I had any offline message from Raffy. And I did …


That was it??? After my nonstop offline whining last night?? Oh noes!  The world is a cruel place! And so I began another series of whiny offline messages … and surprise surprise! He was there! “Invincible to everyone” ^____^

After sending me the Popsloader (again … because I was too lazy to get it from my other laptop … masyado na nga daw ako sineswerte e) and some step by step instructions on what I should do … he had officially become my hero (again)! Hello FF8 disc2!

Hay Raffy … pano kaya pag nasa states ka na … wala na akong makukulit sa mga ganitong bagay.

Maraming salamat Wapi!

<and sorry Pi-chan for being so violent towards you last night … don’t scare me like that again!>


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