Week 2/52 : Everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow

Ckloy and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last December. We’ve been wondering what to get each other, and eventually we decided that I would get him an external flash for his camera, and he would give me a strobist kit. As you may know, we both love photography. In fact, we spent our anniversary attending the 3rd session of FPPF’s advanced photography workshop. We figured that an external flash and a strobist kit were the perfect gifts for each other. We didn’t have time to buy them before our actual anniversary, so we only ended up exchanging gifts last week. I gave him his flash (Yongnuo YN560II – same as mine) and he gave me my kit, which included a softbox and a light stand. We were so happy with our presents that we decided to play around with them immediately. And this was the result šŸ˜€

I love this shot. You would think that after being together for so long we would have a lot of pictures with each other, but not that’s not really the case with us. I remember a time when Ckloy used to be so camera shy that I literally had to drag him and hold him in place just so we could take a picture together. Of course he didn’t like that very much so I didn’t do it that often. But after 7 years with me, he got used to being in front of the camera šŸ˜€ He even agreed to wear my glasses for the shot. (Yeah … did I mention I had a thing for guys in glasses?)

If Ckloy’s hands look a bit awkward in this picture, it’s because he was holding the reflector up. We only used one strobe for this shot, so to eliminate shadows we used a reflector. Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone to help us so Ckloy had to hold it up himself. You can actually see the reflector in the original shot, I just cropped it out XD

Thanks for my gift baby! I love it and I’ll make good use of it! šŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Week 2/52 : Everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow

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