INSTABITS : January 2013

First INSTABITS entry for the year 🙂  I can’t believe that we’re already a month into 2013.  Where did the days go??


My first Instagram post for the year was this photo our family took on New Year’s Eve.  If you follow my blog then you’ve probably seen this because I included it in my December 2012 Instabits entry.


Kurt dropped by for a visit earlier this month.  He gave Ezra this HUGE Christmas stocking full of candies as pasalubong.  I’ve been sneaking into her room and stealing handfuls at a time.  One of my favorites was this little snowman lolly.  Just look how adorable it is.  And it tastes like peaches too~


Once all the snowman candy was gone, I moved on to these Santa lollies.  Just as adorable, and they also tastes like peaches 🙂


Random shot of Ezra and me while waiting for our lunch at Bubble Tea.  We went with Kurt to Megamall when he met up with a few of his friends there.  We didn’t really know any of them so we decided to go off on our own for lunch.


Here’s what we ordered 🙂  Ezra had the hamburger curry and taro milk shake while I ordered some sushi and peach yogurt drink. Yummmm~


As usual, I ordered a bunch of stuff off of eBay again, this car kit being one of them.  It arrived at our house earlier this month.  The instructions it came with gave me a headache!  But it’s pretty simple to use – just pop it in your car’s cassette player and hook it up to your mp3 player.  I tested it out and it works perfectly. Definitely worth much more than the P80 I paid for it, lol.


Recently our family has been enjoying having dinner at 88 Resort and Spa 🙂  We love their bulgogi and kimchi stew.


Random outfit.  I love polka dots 🙂


Vanity 101 : Basic techniques in nail polish application.  If you recall, Amie and I taught Kat how to apply nail polish back in October.  We graded her afterwards (hey, we are teachers after all) and she didn’t do too well, so she asked for another chance to try to redeem herself.  She did better, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement XD


Kurt and Ezra dropped by the office one afternoon and brought me Moonleaf and Dunkin Donuts (thanks guise!)   I love Moonleaf’s lychee yakult 😀


I was playing around with Google maps on my phone one day.  Apparently Google thinks that my office is somewhere in Texas, lol.


Kurt linked me to a site which lets you download PSX emulators so I immediately downloaded CTR to try it out.  It works really well so I dropped by CD-R King to buy this USB game controller to make it easier for me to play.


 It works perfectly 😀 So much happiness for only 180 pesos 🙂


I also downloaded FF8 and tried to play it, unfortunately there were some compatibility issues.  It worked fine in the beginning, but the game had problems when it comes to battles.


Kurt and Ezra organized a shoot with their friends one weekend for a commercial contest that Kurt is joining.  They asked me to participate and this was what I wore 🙂  (I love that detachable bow XD)


My favorite pair of shoes this month.  I bought it the same day I got my CD-R  King game controller.  I’ve been looking for a nice pair of black Mary Jane wedges for a while now.  I’ve found a few before, but they’re always too big for me.  I have really tiny feet, which is why I need the straps.  I got these in the smallest size available (size 5) but they’re still pretty loose.  I stuck some heel grips at the back (which you can see in the picture) and added extra holes to the straps to make them fit me better.


Another random outfit shot.  MOAR POLKA DOTS 😀  Also, I was wearing my new shoes for the first time here.


Kurt had to go back to California on the 20th.  Ezra, Ckloy and I went with his family to drop him off at the airport.  We arrived a little early so we grabbed some breakfast at the nearby KFC.  Here’s one last shot of Ezra and Kurt together before we had to drop him off.


Random outfit again.  This was what I wore for my 4th self portrait this month.


Ezra and I met up with Ckloy at SM Calamba one weekend to watch Les Miserables.  We argued over who would drive (we were both feeling lazy that day) but in the end we agreed that she would drive on the way there and I would drive back home.


Another Ebay purchase : a portable softbox/diffuser.  I ordered this over a month ago, but it only arrived last week because of the holiday rush.


This arrived the day after my portable softbox : another diffuser.  I haven’t had the chance to play around with them yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon.

The first month of the year flew by so fast!  I guess that’s what happens when you’re swamped with deadlines.  That’s the  problem with having the holidays in the middle of the semester – you’re bombarded with so much work as soon as you get back!  It’s like “Hey, did you have a nice break?  Good, here’s a buttload of work you need to finish ASAP.  Merry Christmas!”  Tch~  It’s midterm season at the moment so I’ve been busy making exams, checking reports and preparing for my lectures.  And I have a feeling February’s not going to be that much better, especially with the Physics Fair coming up, eeek~


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