Barkada Christmas Dinner (2012)

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my girls and it made me realize that I haven’t gotten around to posting the pictures we took during our Christmas party last December, oops.

We decided to hold our Christmas dinner this year in LB to avoid traffic.  We made the mistake of going to Alabang once for our Christmas dinner and we spent 2 hours stuck in traffic.  We were starving by the time we got to ATC!   (To give you an idea of how hungry we were, this is what Moy said while we were trapped in the sea of vehicles – “Shet!  Gusto ko na kumain ng papel!!!“)  The sad thing was that when we got to ATC, the lines at the restaurants were soo~ long that we had to wait a while before we managed to get a table and order some food.  Anyway, to avoid the crowd this year, we decided to just have a quiet dinner at Arla’s.

Moy picked up me at around 8:30 and we arrived at Arla’s to find Aprille already there with Jay.  She had our gifts ready and waiting for us at our table:


Presents!  Yaaay!


Brinks and Vesma were still on their way but we decided to order ahead since it was already around 9pm and we were famished.  In fact, Aprille had already gotten started on her carbonara by the time Moy and I arrived.

IMG_6843 I ordered the Beef Lengua.  It was pretty good.  Seeing it here on my blog makes me want to have it for dinner again tonight.


I ordered some kind of fruity shake to go along with my meal.  It was okay, but what I really liked was this straw.  I’ve seen bendy straws before of course, but nothing like this one.

Vesma and Brinks arrived shortly after this.  Naturally, they were starving so they ordered some food as soon as they sat down.


Mommy Vesma was about to collapse from hunger but she still managed to smile for a photo


I caught Brinks mid-chew, lol XD

After wolfing down our meals, we exchanged presents.  I got the girls some eye masks with these cute cartoon eyes on them:





I tried to choose a mask to suit their personalities.  Brinks is a crybaby (peace Kup! XD), Aps is bubbly and Moy’s injured and annoyed (lol, not really – it’s just that she’s the most athletic out of all of us, and I’ve seen her more than once with some kind of sports injury).  Vesma’s not really a cry baby or injured but she loves pink (and purple) as much as I do so I gave her the one with pink hair.


Brinks bought herself a new camera a few days before this and she was eager to test it out.IMG_6891

I suggested that she get the Canon 600d because I know how much she loves self-shots and the flip out LCD will be useful for that

Brinks gave us these lipglosses in these adorable containers:


Moy chose the popsicleIMG_6861

I got the donut


Aps chose the ice cream cone


And Mommy Vesma ended up with this halo halo thing that no one picked, lol.  (Don’t feel bad Ves, I showed Ezra all the lipgloss and she thought this was the prettiest out of the four XD)

After exchanging gifts we just sat around and tried to catch up on everyone’s lives.  The last time we were all together like this was last December for Vesma’s bachelorette party.  (Well, they all saw each other after that during Vesma’s wedding, but I was out of the country and couldn’t make it T__T)



After dinner Brinks wanted to test her camera out some more so we decided to head over to UPLB campus to take pictures with the Christmas decors there







I have no idea what Vesma’s trying to do to Brinks here…



We wanted to ride the sleigh but we weren’t allowed, so Brinks settled for playing with the reindeer instead


To end this entry, here are the only two complete group shots of us from that evening:



Love you mga Baks!


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