Week 7/52 : Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.

I miss having red hair… Although my hair has never been this vibrant shade of red before.  Looks pretty good though, doesn’t it?

This was supposed to be my self portrait for Valentine’s Day, but I shot and uploaded it a couple of days late.  (Well, I uploaded it a few days late on Flickr, I’m uploading it a few weeks late here on my blog XD)

The wig I wore for this shot was actually blonde (it’s the same wig I was wearing in this shot).  I played around with the colors in Photoshop to make this it red.  I added the little heart mark on my cheek there too. Not too happy with my facial expression here (I didn’t have time to reshoot), but I do like how the colors turned out.

Belated Happy Valentines Day everyone!

(Quote in the title is by Mason Cooley)


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