INSTABITS : February 2013

Hello dear readers!  (I’m trying to be optimistic by pretending that there are people out there who read my blog …)  It’s the start of a new month!  So you know what that means – INSTAGRAM PHOTO DUMP!


Spent the first day of February collating test papers for Physics 3’s first laboratory exam


Ckloy and I had our 86th monthsary this month (I had to use a calculator to figure that out since I lost count years ago).  We couldn’t see each other on the actual day because he had other things to do, but we did go out the day after that.  We had lunch at T.O.S.H. and watched Hansel and Gretel :  Witch Hunters.


Random vain shot of myself.  My skin started breaking out really badly this month. I think it was because of this face mask I tried.  Or maybe it’s the new Human Nature shampoo I bought.  I stopped using them both and my skin has been doing a lot better.  Still, looking in the mirror has been kind of painful, so I like to make myself feel better by pretending I have clear skin using Photowonder’s “better skin” and “anti acne” functions.  I love this app.


Physics 3 students taking their first laboratory exam


Ever since I graduated and stopped going to UPD, my Lenovo netbook has been hibernating in my desk drawer.  I took it out again a few months ago and found that the touchpad had stopped working, which was weird because I’m sure that it was working fine when I put it in storage.  I didn’t really mind since I prefer using an external mouse anyway, but this month the keyboard decided to stop working as well!  Sure, I can always use an external keyboard, but having to always carry one around  kind of defeats the purpose of having a netbook.  I reformatted it to see if that would help but the keyboard and touchpad were still unresponsive.  Eventually I took it to a computer shop and they told me it would cost me at least 2500php to get the keyboard replaced!  I wasn’t really willing to shell out that much for something I hardly use these days so I told them I would think about it first.  I told Sir Nel about it when I got back to the office and he agreed to open it up to see what was wrong. Turns out the connections were just loose and dirty and he managed to get my keyboard working again within minutes, free of charge. Weeeee~  Thanks Sir!


I’m teaching Aphy 104 this semester, which is a bit of a challenge since it’s my first time handling the course.  In fact, the last time I had anything to do with the subject was when I was the one taking it way back in 2005!  But it was one of my favorite subjects in college and I’m actually enjoying reading about logic gates and Boolean algebra again.  We’re doing VHDL now and I’ve been practicing since my programming skills have gotten a little rusty over the years.  What you see up there is a picture of a waveform simulation of a 4-bit serial in – parallel out shift register.


Kung Hei Fat Choi!  Chinese New Year celebration with the family


My Valentine’s Day greeting for my Instagram friends


Ckloy and I couldn’t see each other till the weekend so as usual I had Valentines Day dinner at home with the family.  Pizza, mozzarella sticks, spaghetti and ice cream cake.  Yummmm~


Honeydew Yakult BonAppetea and red velvet cupcakes from Ezra.  I don’t normally drink tea or coffee or anything with caffeine (since I get hyperacidity when I do) so my body isn’t used to it.  I drank this tea in the afternoon and it kept me up ALL NIGHT!  I managed to fall asleep at around 3am and had to wake up 2 hours later for my 7am class.  I expected to turn into a zombie by noon but surprisingly I still had enough energy to get me through the day.  Whoa~

photo (1)

I downloaded this app (since everyone’s been talking about it) and I made Brinks. It totally looks like her but she doesn’t agree.

photo (2)

I made myself too 😀  Whatdya think?


Lunch at T.G.I.Fridays with Ezra.  We were at Trinoma and couldn’t decide where to eat so we went with our usual choice.  I’m really thankful that we don’t have T.G.I.Fridays in LB (or Calamba) because I’d probably be cheating on my diet all the time.  How can anyone resist a Jack Daniel’s burger??


Ezra and I went to Greenhills after lunch where I bought two new adorable pairs of shoes~


One of the best books I’ve read this past few months.  I am OBSESSED!  I’m currently reading it again because I’m not ready to part with it and start a new book.  Expect a review here on my blog soon. (EDIT : review posted here)


The Physics Fair was held last February 23.  We had Physics 3 in the morning and Physics 13 in the afternoon.  Busy busy day~  But I enjoyed seeing the games that our students came up with 😀  Congratulations everyone!


After the Physics Fair was over, I met up with Aprille, Jay and Brinks and we made our way over to Clark to attend the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta the next day.  We stopped by The Pancake House at NLEX for some for food.  Breakfast for dinner.  Yumm~


We arrived at Clark at a little past 11pm.  We stayed at Daniela’s Place Apartelle.  It’s a good thing we made reservations because the place was packed with guests who were there for the hot air balloon fiesta too.


We woke up at 3:45am the next day so we could get an early start and beat the crowd.  It didn’t work as well as we hoped since a lot of people slept on the field to get good spots.  But by slowly inching our way forward, we managed to get a good view of the hot air balloons.  I had so much fun that day and it’s mostly thanks to April, Jay and Brinks.  I’m planning on making a separate entry about our trip so watch out for that.


Last Monday was a holiday but Ma’am Joybel and I met up with our Physics 13 class since they had some technical difficulties with their project during the Physics Fair.  Here’s a picture of Joybel serenading our students to keep their morale up while they try to finish their project.


Ezra is currently in between jobs so she spends most of her time at home.  When she gets bored, she visits me at the office and terrorizes my colleagues by showing them scenes from the yaoi manga she’s reading.  My poor poor friends…

That wraps up my Instabits entry for February.  I wasn’t able to update my Instagram that often because I spent most of my days at the office preparing for my classes (mostly Aphy 104).  I doubt you guys would want to see that so I decided to save you from being bored.  Oh!  We had the February Fair this month.  I dropped by twice (once with Ezra and my mom and another time with Brinks and Ckloy).  It was really crowded both times and I was too focused on trying to avoid falling glow stick thingies and overexcited kids to remember to take photos.  But I had fun pigging out on all the food they had there.  (As I result I’ve been spending my afternoons trying to lose the 2lbs I gained that week T__T.)


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