Christmas Loot (2012)

Yes, I know it’s almost the end of March and I should be writing about summer outings and trips to the beach instead of Christmas-related things, but if you read my blog then you know that this is normal for me.

As promised, here are some of the stuff that I got last Christmas.

1. External flash


I made a wishlist just before Christmas and this was the first item there.  My parents got this for me as an early Christmas present 🙂  I’m glad I got it early because I used it a lot over the holidays.  I love it 😀

2. Rechargeable batteries


After using my flash a few times, I discovered that I’m going to go through A LOT of batteries, so I figured I should just invest in some rechargeable ones.  I was planning on getting this for myself but my mom remembered that she had a few of them hibernating in her closet and she decided to give them to me.  A few days later my dad found more in his closet and gave those to me too 😀  Yaaaay~

3. New boots


The ones on the left are mine, the ones on the right are Ezra’s.  Kurt bought those boots for her last year as a graduation present and I’ve always liked them.  She lets me borrow them all the time, but after a while she figured she might as well get me my own pair. She was shopping at Forever 21 one day and came across the pair on the left, and she decided to get them for me since they look a lot like her old ones.  In fact, they look so alike that when she returned home after shopping she said “I’ve got your Christmas present!” and handed me the bag with the boots in them, and my first words were something like “You’re giving me your old boots for Christmas?” XD

3.  Body spray (Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works)


From Mama Darling.  She knows I love this scent.  It reminds me of Bam.

4. Adorable lip balm keychain



From Ninang.  Isn’t that the cutest thing?  She told me to hang it on my bag but I’m worried that it’s going to fall off and get lost somewhere, so I’ll just keep it inside my kikay kit XD

5. Hand soap and hand lotion


From Ninong Rey and Tita Mildred.  Smells really good!  I love citrus scents 😀

5. Lip balm, hand sanitizer spray, hair pins and a makeup pouch


From my girls during our last barkada Christmas dinner 🙂

(The items down below aren’t really Christmas presents but I decided to include them in here anyway since I got them around the same time)

6. Lots of hair care products




I asked Ninang to pick these up for me before she left the States (which explains why they’re all taped up – so that they won’t spill in her luggage).  I know we have a lot of great hair care products here in the Philippines, but these are some of thing I don’t see around here.  I bought a lot of hair care stuff last year during our visit to California and I’ve still got some left but I decided to ask Ninang to bring back some for me anyway, in case we don’t get to visit them this year.  I haven’t touched the Garnier Fructis Morrocan Oil treatment yet but I am currently using the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-in conditioner and the Dove Hair Therapy for damaged hair and I love them both.  Garnier Fructis products always smell so good~

I know we have Dove conditioners here in the Philippines but they’re not the same.  The ones we have are okay, but this one smells so much better – and it’s a lot cheaper too.  These huge bottles costs pretty much the same as the smaller ones here.  I can’t remember how much each one was, but I know I spent less than $20 for the whole lot.

7.  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2013 planner


From Ckloy.  Like I said in my wishlist, it has become tradition that he gives me a planner every year.  He started doing it when I became a student again back in 2009 and I needed to keep up with important deadlines.

8.  Softbox and light stand



From Ckloy again 😀  Thanks baby~  He got this for me as an anniversary present.  I talked about it in a past entry already, so I won’t go into much detail here, you can just go ahead and read that if you’re interested~

And I think that’s it.  Other stuff I got which I wasn’t able to take pictures of include a pillow, a cake, clothes, keychains and some money.  Thanks for the gifts and greetings everyone 😀


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