INSTABITS : March 2013

Posting this a bit late because the semester is ending and I’ve been busy checking exams and lab reports.  I really shouldn’t let it pile up like this, but I can’t help myself T__T


My parents went to Thailand for a business trip and they brought us back some of our favorite Thai desserts : chendol and red ruby (AKA chewy chestnuts and green uod XD)


I’m so proud my mom. She won the Outstanding Teacher Award for the Social Sciences category this year!  They had the awarding ceremony last March 6 where they gave her this awesome Oblation trophy.


Ezra and I took turns posing with Mama’s trophy.  Maybe one day we’ll win one for ourselves *crosses fingers*

photo (2)

I’ve been obsessed with this game for weeks now.  I play it all the time!  I even got some of my officemates hooked on it XD  I strongly encourage you to download it if you can and give it a try 😀 (Unfortunately it’s not available for Android users yet, but hopefully they’ll fix that soon.)


I convinced Ezra to download it for her iPad too XD


Our APhy students had their thesis defense around the last week of March.  I was assigned as panelist for 4 of them.


Random outfit.  Lace and polka dots – two of my favorite things 🙂


IMSP celebrated it’s 30th anniversary this year.  We all got these shirts to wear for our motorcade.


Go IMSP 🙂 Taken right before our motorcade. (Thanks Ma’am Chrys for the shot :D)


I woke up feeling extra girly one morning and ended up digging this dress out of my closet.  The last time I wore this was for Ezra’s graduation last year.

photo (1)

My current high score in 2Fuse 😀  It took me a while but I was finally able to pass 200k!  Weeee~


Random vain shot after an extremely tiring day


My outfit for the last day of classes.  My mom organized a lunch party that day for her officemates to thank them for supporting her during the search for Outstanding Teachers, so I tried to look extra presentable.


Doktora Camille was in LB that day so I invited her to the lunch party too.  Afterwards she came back with me to the office and kept me company while my students took their practical exam.


Camille and I played games on our phones while waiting for my students to finish.  I loved how cute and personalized her phone was so I ended up downloading GoSMS for my phone as well.  This is my current theme.  Isn’t it so freakin’ adorable?!


Even though I ate a lot during my mom’s lunch party, I still managed to go out with my officemates that evening to have dinner at 88 Resort and Spa.

photo (3)

Stole this picture from Amie’s iPad.  Group shot outside the restaurant.

And that’s it.  This was an extremely busy month so I wasn’t able to post much.  April is going to be pretty busy too, but hopefully not as busy as March, especially since I won’t be handling summer classes.  Anyway I’ll end this entry here because I still have a pile of exams and lab reports right next to me waiting to be checked.  I better get started.  Wish me luck!


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