(EZRA) 12/52 : A teddy bear’s heart is as big as its smile

She looks like Pedobear’s little sister doesn’t she?  LOL~  But wait, that would mean I’m related to him too.  Nevermind…

She told me this was inspired by an anime she’s currently watching where the characters have these cute animal ears.  It’s called Cuticle Detective Inaba.  It’s about this werewolf cop (Inaba) who’s trying to catch this goat crook (Don Valentino), who’s after Japan’s money because he wants to dip it in soy sauce and eat it.  Sounds bizarre?  Believe me, it is.  She’s been forcing me to watch it with her every night.  Other characters include an overprotective detective, another werewolf with a brother complex, a guy who wears a sack on his head, a cross dresser, a wolf spirit who likes to pretend he’s a sheep and a cute mad scientist.  That’s not even all of them.  Oh, and did I mention that the werewolf cop has a hair fetish?


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