Old Multiply blog entries – part 6

This will be my last Multiply post since the site is now truly gone.  (It’s still there, but it’s not meant to be used as a personal site anymore.)  I was planning on doing another one after this, but I wasn’t able to copy my old blog posts before they shut my page down, so I guess this is it.  The only reason I’m able to post this is because I started writing this entry months ago, it’s just been sitting in my drafts folder.

Title: Have a Break …

Date: Aug 4, ’08 9:18 AM

Have a KitKat 🙂

Especially if they come in a variety of flavors ^____^


Ezra gave these to me this morning. They were actually given to her by Kurt. He bought them for her in Japan, and she gave me some 😀 (Actually, he only bought the strawberry and watermelon flavored ones. The regular chocolate KitKat were from Robinsons XD)

My sister has been extra generous lately. I guess its one of the advantages of having Kurt around. She’s always happy, and is much nicer to everyone (even to Ckloy XD). Aside from these KitKats that she gave me this morning, she also gave me a piece yesterday. But it was more of a bribe so that I’d let her play with my PSP. I didn’t really mind, she managed to level up some of my FF8 characters and even got the needed items to complete Selphie’s and Quistis’s final weapons XD.

Before yesterday, I haven’t had a KitKat in so long. I used to eat them a lot in highschool. I was particularly fond of the orange flavored ones. Its sad that I don’t see them being sold here in the Philippines anymore. I used to buy them from a small shop near our school.

chocolates for breakfast anyone? ^___^



Title: Kupo?

Date: Aug 10, ’08 11:12 PM

I just wanted to share my “kupos” with you guys.

(My what???)

There has been a lot of confusion as to what a “kupo” is. Kupo (AKA Brinks) already posted an explanation on her blog, so I won’t be doing that here. I’ll just give you a link to the Final Fantasy Wiki for their explanation : CLICK HERE 😀

Yes, “Kupo” came from the Final Fantasy series, but Brinks and I have another meaning for the word.  When we say “Kupo”, it means we’re talking about each other.  It has become our pet names for one another.  We’ve been friends since our 4th year of highschool and we discovered that we had a lot of similar interest, video games being one of them. (Although I think I forced her to play FF8 … I can’t remember …. she ended up liking it, so no harm done naman diba Kup?)

We started calling each other “Kupo” after FF9. We thought the moogles were adorable. And the way they ended each sentence with “Kupo” was just priceless … so we adapted it for ourselves.

Anyway, for her birthday this year, I decided to give her a moogle plushie. I ordered two so that we can have one each. So here’s Kupo and me with our kupo plushies ^_____^


Title: Raffy saves the day again! (My afternoon scare)

Date: Aug 22, ’08 9:27 PM

My dear cousin has once again come to my rescue.

Last time it was when I foolishly loaded the wrong version of FF8 Disc 2 into my PSP. (Read about it here if you missed that episode XD). This time, he bravely kept me sane after an unfortunate event happened to me this afternoon. An event that gamers everywhere would fear … an event called: memory card crash (play scary background music: *dun dun dun*)

Yes, it happened *sob* I have no idea how or what I did to deserve this. One minute I was enjoying the fact that I made it to Disc 4. Then I paused the game, surfed the net a bit, and when I came back … nada! This was all that was left of me 4gb memory card:


Four lousy files! FOUR! And I have no idea what they are! (Well, except for that ICON0 thing … that was obviously my menu icon for FF8)

But it seemed that Lady Luck didn’t completely abandon me today. She probably just went out for a snack or something. Fortunately Raffy was online when this tragic incident occurred. He managed to squeeze in a few calming words in between my “nooooooo!”s and “waaaaaah”s in our conversation. He was actually laughing at the situation! If I didn’t think for a second that he would give me some advice I would have strangled him for laughing at me in this terrible time. (Yeah, I know its physically impossible. My arms would have to be about 100km long)

Anyway, he told me about programs that recover lost data. First he made me check the status of my memory card. It turned out that although there were only 4 visible icons, about 3.4gb of my memory card was full. Which meant that the data was still there somewhere, I just needed to retrieve them. Fortunately (for me, not for him) he went through a similar experience before with his 80gb hard disk, so he knew what to do.

After almost 5 hours of tinkering with different gadgets (laptop, external HD, psp), I managed to recover my files … and more! For some reason, 9.7gb worth of files was recovered from my 4gb memory card! Files that I deleted long ago turned up, whoa! But I didn’t care that I had to delete some stuff from my laptop’s hard disk so that they’d fit in there, I just wanted my FF8 saved game back.

It took A LOT of calming words from Raffy (and a lot of guidance) to keep me sane this afternoon. He even skipped out on a DOTA game to help me (aww ^____^) I seriously don’t know what I’ll do without this guy! I’d probably give up gaming (heaven forbid!) after so many unfortunate incidences. But like he said, it all comes with experience. “You have to lose hundreds of gigs before you learn.” I told him my 4gb scare this afternoon was enough for me.

Maraming salamat ulit Raffy! Once again, I am indebted to you ^_____^

Title: Canon 50mm f/1.8 = *heart*

Date: Sep 26, ’08 6:34 PM

I got my new lens last week. Its the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II ^____^


At first I wanted to get a nice lens with good zoom capabilities. But then I realized I enjoyed portrait photography more than landscape photography. Plus, this lens is *SO* much cheaper than I expected. Some lenses I saw went up to about 40K PhP … more than what my camera body (plus the kit lens) costs.

I really love the blurred background effect I get with this lens. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been enjoying taking pictures of random objects in my room and seeing the “magical effect”. I haven’t taken it off my Rebel XTi since last week.


Chibi Squall = *adorable* (this was Ena’s pasalubong when she went to Japan. Salamat ulit Ena!) [Grainy nga lang yung shot kasi taas ISO XD]

The only problem I have with it is that it seems to have a lot of trouble focusing in low light conditions. I usually have to use the manual focus in these cases …

Btw, my Flickr account is now alive. Feel free to drop by 😀 If you have an account there add me as a contact!

Title: Countdown till sembreak

Date: Oct 17, ’08 11:11 PM

Sembreak has almost begun for me, and for that I’m extremely thankful. It’s closer than it’s ever been, I can almost feel it ^____^
I’m proud to say that I’ve finished computing (and sending out) the grades for all my classes this semester. Woohooo~ *celebrate good times, c’mon!* I entered the grade of a student’s lab report (Phys23) roughly around 4:30 this afternoon. And by 4:45, their final grades were on their way to Mr. Tapia. Phew~ I made it before the 5pm deadline I had set for myself.

So far, here are the small tasks I have left until I can officially allow myself to be free:

1. Submit grade sheets for Physics3 (REMINDER: Double AND Triple check! MUST NOT UNDERGO CHANGE OF GRADE!)

2. Sign the grade sheet for Aphy102 T3L

3. Prepare removal exam for students in Physics3 who obtained a grade of 4.0 (note: regular removals for Phys3 will be on October 27. If you want to save a few pesos, then take it at that time, hahaha XD)

4. Prepare some comforting words for my students whom I had to fail. (Sorry guys … I wish I can give you all a passing mark, but grades do have a purpose. If you’ve failed all three lecture exams AND the finals, I really don’t understand how you expect to pass… I’m nice, but if I become too nice and pass you all, then the registrar would probably be extremely suspicious)

I can’t wait for my mini vacation to start! My plans for this short bout of freedom? TO BE A TOTAL BUM! Mwahahaha~ Just kidding! I plan to spend my time playing the piano, drawing, taking pictures and watching some series from the extremely long list that Ezra has given me.

Since I’ve had a little more free time than I’m used to this week, I cheated a little and started drawing already. Here’s a WIP of Yuki Cross that I did last night:


Haaaay~ Thank goodness for the sembreak! (Akala nyong mga studyante kayo lang ang excited dito? Mwahahaha~)

Title: Down Time

Date: Oct 22, ’08 7:05 PM

My sembreak has officially started! Which explains why I’m able to constantly update my Multiply site, hahaha~ I’ve finished my gradesheets for Physics3, and I’ve signed all the gradesheets for my lab sections. I just haven’t been able to blog about it since I’ve been too engrossed in this series called the Liar Game.  I was going to write about that series in this entry, but it got too long, so I decided to just post it as a review.  I’ve never posted a review here on Multiply before, so I might as well start. Hmm … that sounds like a good way to spend my sembreak, writing reviews about previous series I’ve watched, hahaha

So anyway, today’s the first day I’m staying home since my sembreak began (which was yesterday, nyahahaha). I feel like it’s the weekend. And there’s going to be a sem-end party here for the Department of Agribusiness Management (or as they like to call it “DAM!” *don’t forget to add emotions in when saying it, hahaha*) Just some of my parent’s friends coming over.

How did I spend my first day as a bum? Here’s a summary of my day:

1. Woke up around 9am
2. Had breakfast (hotdogs, yum~)
3. Watched the final episode of Liar Game while eating Poppins (I’m addicted to this~)
4. Played the piano
5. Ate lunch
6. Posted some stuff on Multiply
7. Played the piano again
8. Finished coloring my drawing of Yuki
9. Tried to figure out how Plurk works (help!)
10. Watched Grey’s Anatomy

Hmm … looking at the list, it seems like my day was totally unproductive … AND I LOVE IT!!! It’s a clear sign that my sembreak has in fact began!

The only thing that annoys me right now is the fact that PLDT IS STILL MESSED UP!!! It’s been about a week since I’ve been able to properly access my deviantArt account from home. I always have to go to the office just to be able to open my account. I mean, seriously, what is up with them? Normally, I wouldn’t complain too much about the slow internet connection, as long as I can access the sites I want. PLDT has impeccable timing too! It chose to mess up during the sembreak! When I’m stuck at home with nothing to save me from boredom but the internet!

I guess I should just be glad that I can still access Multiply … or I would have gone crazy ~__~

So even though I’ve finished coloring Yuki, I haven’t been able to upload her to my dA account 😦 I guess I’ll just share her with you guys for now:


Title: “Twisty” + “Maki versus Kitchie”

Date: Oct 23, ’08 5:21 PM

(Oooh, two blog entries in two days … I must be really be bored, hahaha)

Yesterday I was just browsing through some random vids on youTube and I came across this video of a tutorial on how to curl your hair using a flat iron. I’ve been trying to do this ever since Aprille used my flat iron to curl my hair for Moy’s Gossip Girl party. But my hair always end up straighter than how it started, rather than curled.  The girl on the video has an annoyingly high voice, but the tutorial itself is pretty good. Besides, she’s pretty cute, so its forgivable, nyahahaha~

I woke up this morning trying to decide how I should spend another day of freedom, when I decided to try out the tutorial. And to my amazement, curls started appearing! Hoooray~

So here’s the result of my first successful attempt at curling my own hair:


My hair is now “TWISTY”, a word I picked up from Raffy. It started when we saw a poster of a curly-haired Kitchie Nadal promoting McDo’s Twister Fries. At first I didn’t realize what she was advertising, so I asked Raffy. His reply: “Twister fries, obvious ba? Kaya nga pati hair nya ‘twisty’” hahahaha XD

Speaking of Kitchie, don’t you think she looks a lot like Horikita Maki? See for yourself:


Diba? Diba??? I’ve been trying to figure out why Maki looks so familiar, hahaha. Kamukha pala kasi nya si Kitchie XD

So that ends my whole Old Multiply blog entries series.  I wish I had been able to save my last few entries there too, but I wasn’t fast enough.  There were only about 7 more of them anyway, so I guess it’s alright.  At least I was able to transfer most of them here to my blog before my site was removed 🙂


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