Christmas in Coron

Yes yes, it’s already June.  But you should be used to my late posts by now.

(I already blogged about how our family spent last Christmas Eve. This entry will be about how we spent Christmas day.)

Last December, our family booked a 2-day tour around Coron.  We arranged to have them on the 26th and the 27th, which meant that we had to leave LB on the 25th.  We originally planned on leaving on the 26th so we wouldn’t have to spend Christmas day at the airport, but we discovered that we would be able to save P5000 per person if we book our flights a day ahead.  There were 7 of us, this was a pretty considerable amount.  My dad was against the idea at first and argued that Christmas is a time for family. My mom pointed out that we would still be with family anyway and that it would just be a waste of money to postpone our trip, so he agreed in the end.


All set to go to Coron!

IMG_1649a (1)

IMG_1649a (2)

We expected the airport to be empty since we thought that most people would want to spend Christmas day at home  – we couldn’t have been more wrong!

IMG_1650aIt was super crowded!

We got to the airport early and had a few hours to kill before our flight so we decided to grab some food first, since some of us weren’t able to have a proper breakfast.  (I ate breakfast before leaving the house but I found Shakeys at the airport and ended up buying a whole box of mojos anyway. Yummm~).


As usual, I took vain shots of myself to pass the time

IMG_1652a (1)

IMG_1652a (2)

My camwhoring session ended when it was time for us to board the plane

IMG_1653 (2)

Raffy was stuck with Ezra once again

IMG_1653 (3)

While I sat next to Mama.

(There were 7 of us so poor Daddy had to sit alone. But he was in the seat just across the aisle from us, so it wasn’t so bad)

After about an hour, we landed in Coron

IMG_1654 (1)

IMG_1654 (2)

We’re here!

IMG_1654 (3)

The place was really small so the baggage claim system was a little different from most airports

IMG_1654a (1)

Unlike the typical conveyor belt you would find in most airports, this one had a wooden platform where your baggage would be placed. If you happen to see your bag being unloaded from the cart, you can  just yell to get the attention of the baggage staff so they could hand it to your directly.

IMG_1654a (2)

After collecting our bags, we headed outside to meet up with the person our hotel had sent to pick us up. We made reservations to stay at the Coron Gateway Hotel.  On the way there, I noticed that Coron seemed like a pretty rural area so I didn’t expect anything too luxurious, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Our hotel was really nice and the rooms were quite spacious:

IMG_1660 (1)

IMG_1660 (2)

IMG_1660 (3)

IMG_1660 (4)

There’s a little sliding door behind me which connects the bathroom to the bedroom. I think it’s for people who want to watch TV while soaking in the tub, but Ezra used it mainly as a shortcut to get in to the bathroom because it was right next to our bed. Lazy bum.

IMG_1660 (5)

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and woke up in time for dinner. Originally we wanted to walk around town and look for good places to eat, but we were too relaxed and bangag after our naps that we decided to just grab a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant downstairs.



IMG_4320We had seafood and kebabs.  After dinner we went back to our room and spent the rest of the evening resting and preparing for our tour the next day 🙂


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