Island hopping in Coron

For our first day in Coron, we hired a guide to take us around the different islands there.  Our guide, Michelle, picked us up from our hotel at around 8:30 that morning and lead us to the market place where her boat was waiting for us.

Walking to the market place, which was very close to our hotel.  (It was cold inside the hotel so my camera fogged up when we stepped outside)

IMG_7384a (1)

Here’s a clearer shot that my dad took with his camera

IMG_7384a (2)

On our way to the boat we spotted a cute puppy and stopped to play with the little fella for a while


Cute little baby 🙂

IMG_7384a (3)

After returning the little darling to his owner, we made our way over to our boat

IMG_7391a (3)

Got our life jackets on!  All set for a day of fun and adventure 🙂


Quick selca of Ez and me before leaving the dock


Off we go!

Coron is a beautiful place.  The boat ride was so relaxing and peaceful.  Perfect remedy to all the holiday stress 🙂  (For those who are confused, I should probably mention that this trip happened last December.)



Our first stop for the day was Siete Picados.  Our boat dropped us off there so we could go snorkeling.  I wish I had an underwater camera with me so I could take pictures of the beautiful sights we saw.  We had fun searching for the most bizarre looking fish and the loveliest corals.  We stayed there for about an hour before Michelle called us back to head off to our next location.



Happy little girl 😀

Our next stop as Kayangan Lake.  Our boat dropped us off at this little dock and we had to walk the rest of the way to get to the lake.


Here’s Michelle showing us exactly where we were


She’s a wonderful guide – very nice and very enthusiastic

We had to climb a hill to get to the lake.  Our itinerary described it as an “easy trek”, but I’m sure the people with me would beg to differ.  Nevertheless, we made it to the end.  We had to stop to catch our breaths a few times, but we did it.


Making my way up to the top

About halfway to the lake, we stopped by this nice spot with a beautiful view so we could take some photos


Here are some pictures that Michelle took of us:



After a couple more minutes of walking, we finally made it to the lake




We spent about 40 minutes there swimming and just floating around.  There weren’t any corals but the water was nice and warm and we enjoyed the beautiful view.




After this Michelle took us to Banol beach where we had our lunch.  Michelle and her crew cooked the food for us while we were swimming earlier so it was nice and fresh.



picnic at the beach 🙂


After finishing my meal I took a quick nap on the beach.  It was so nice and peaceful (until Ezra finished her food and decided to attack me with handfuls of sand.  Tch~).

We had a few more stops that afternoon (Skeleton Wreck, CYC beach, the mangroves, Twin Peaks, etc) but I don’t really have that much pictures to share since I spent most of my time in the water.  So to end this entry, here are two pictures of Raffy falling into the Twin Lagoon:




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