INSTABITS : May 2013

Posting this a bit late again.  I’ve been trying to savor the last few days of my summer break, so I’ve been avoiding anything that requires me to think (or move … or get out of bed …).  But it’s back to the grind for me tomorrow, so I should probably get this done before all the craziness starts.


Started the month off by going on a summer outing with my officemates.  We went to Canyon Cove beach resort in Nasugbu, Batangas.


Presenting the Physics faculty XD


Posted this for Throwback Thursday.  This was taken during Moy’s birthday party 5 (or was it 4) years ago.  Aprille, Brinks and I took forever to get ready and ended up being 2 hours late for her party. Oops…


On May 3 our family headed off to Los Angeles to visit our relatives there.  This is a shot of us at the airport lounge in NAIA.  We didn’t have breakfast so we pigged out on the free snacks there.


We had a 3-hour stop over at Taiwan, where we were reunited with Hello Kitty 🙂


Ezra and I had fun playing around with the funny mirrors at the Hello Kitty terminal


On our first day in LA, Kurt took us to see Iron Man 3.  (I actually saw it with Ckloy the week before this, but I had no problem seeing it again.)


I was still pretty jetlagged and only got 3 hours of sleep on our first night there.  Woke up with horrendous bags under my eyes.  Thank goodness for huge shades 😀


On our 2nd day there, we asked Kurt to take us to Little Tokyo for some mochi ice cream.


We also dropped by Walmart and Walgreens.  I’m trying to cut back on buying cosmetics, but most of these were on sale so I couldn’t resist


Kurt took us to visit his school (California State University Northridge) where we had fun feeding squirrels, ducks, and turtles.


After feeding the animals, we went to Westfield mall to feed ourselves.  Itadakimasu! 🙂


Random post because I missed my girls.  These were taken when we went to Laiya, Batangas a few weeks earlier.


My dad signed us up for a 7-day tour around 7 different states.  We stopped by Arches National Park on our 2nd day.


The view there was stunning!


On our way to our hotel that night, we saw snow.  Actual falling snow!  Weeeee~  I wasn’t expecting it since it’s supposed to be spring already.


On our 3rd day our tour took us to Mount Rushmore!! 🙂


Our 4th day was mostly spent exploring Yellowstone National Park.  Here’s a shot my mom took of me while we were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt (you can see the steam behind me). He was 15 minutes late.


On our 5th day, we went to Grand Teton National Park.  The snow capped mountains were beautiful 😀


Our 6th day was spent exploring the lovely Salt Lake City.  It happened to be Mother’s Day then, so I posted this picture of my mom and me.


Coincidentally, mother’s day this year also fell on my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary.   Double celebration, yay~  We had dinner with our relatives in Vegas (which was our stop for the night) and my uncle taught us how to play on the slot machines.  I wasn’t very good at it.


Random vain shot of myself

IMG_20130516_015259 IMG_20130516_015509

Aside from our 7-day tour, my parents also arranged a 5-day vacation in Hawaii.  We stayed at the Trump Hotel where Tito Steve (Kurt’s dad) works.  He hooked us up with an awesome room (and gave us an amazing deal).  Thanks Tito Steve!


Woke up to this gorgeous view of Waikiki Beach from our hotel room balcony 😀


My outfit on our first day in Hawaii.  Tito Steve took us sightseeing and showed us some of the beaches.


We got back to our hotel in time to watch the sun set at Waikiki beach.  Beautiful!


Tito Steve arranged a sunset cruise for us. It was supposed to be a dry ride but a HUUUUGE wave soaked all the passengers on the boat.


On our last day in Hawaii, Tito Steve took us to Paradise Cove to watch the luau and experience Hawaiian culture.  We played some games and I made myself a flower bracelet.  The locals told me to wear it on my left hand to show I’m taken.


Back in California, we attended Kurt’s graduation at CSUN.  Congratulations Kurt!


Kurt took Ezra and me to this store called Book Off.  They had books, manga, graphic novels, video games and japanese snacks. I could have stayed in there for hours! 🙂


Ezra went fangirl crazy in there XD


On our way home, we dropped by Yogurtland.  I missed this 🙂


This was the wallet I used during our stay there.  It was on clearance at Hot Topic for $6.


Ezra, Kurt and I attended Fanime in San Jose.  There were so many people there!  We had to stand in line for 6 hours before we were finally able to register!  (This wasn’t even the whole line, it’s much longer inside the building).


Finally, after 6 hours of waiting, we were able to get our badges.


We saw a lot of amazing cosplayers at the event, and we even met Yaya Han!  She was so nice and even stepped out of her booth when we asked her to take a picture with us.


To end this entry, here’s a random picture of Ezra and me at La Brea Tar Pits.  (She’s being her usual manyak self and I’m trying to keep her at bay like always.)

That ends my Instabits entry for May.  I’ll probably be posting some blog entries with more pictures of all the places we went to, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.  I still have a few entries lined up before that but hopefully I’ll be able to have them up before 2013 ends.  Hopefully.


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