(EZRA) 15/52 : I will deliver your vengeance

Ezra bought this Enma Ai costume at the Ozine Fest last April for only P800.  The quality’s really good and it fits her perfectly 😀  We were lucky to come across it since the store we bought it from only had one for sale.  She’s always loved Enma Ai.  In fact, one of the main reasons she got her bangs cut years ago was because she wanted to imitate Ai’s hairstyle XD

Shot this using my usual low key setup – one strobe behind her and another one off to the side.  I’ve been practicing but I still can’t get the lighting right.  The background for this photo didn’t come out totally black like I wanted, so I had to fix it using Photoshop.  And in most of the shots we took her face was overexposed.  Was it because I didn’t use a diffuser/softbox?  But wouldn’t that scatter the light more and make the background even lighter?  Hmm …

Anyway, here’s an outtake from the shoot.  This was supposed to be my original upload, but Ezra ended up liking the other one better;

(She told me that the flames represent souls or spirits)


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