Review : Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer


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First of all let me apologize for using a photo I grabbed from rather than taking my own.  I wasn’t planning on making a review for this concealer, so I didn’t take pictures before opening it.  And since I’ve been  using it for a while, the writing has rubbed off on the tube and it looks dirty and disgusting so I figured it’s best that I use Walmart’s photo instead (after all, that’s where I bought this concealer).

The first time I heard about this concealer was on YouTube (where else?)  It’s gotten a few raves from some of my favorite makeup gurus, so I wanted to try it.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it here in the Philippines.  I finally managed to get my hands on it last May when our family went to California for the summer.  Before this I was using my favorite Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer but I ran out. I didn’t know where I could find it in California so I went ahead and bought this Dream Lumi concealer.  I figured it was the perfect chance for me to try it out.  I’ve been using it since May and I absolutely love it.

Here’s what Maybelline has to say about their product on their website:


A brighter idea in concealers:
• Gel-based formula diffuses light to provide on-the-spot perfection in just one touch
• Illuminates as it conceals
• Dermatologist, Allergy Tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Suitable for sensitive skin and for all skin types


To brighten face, apply over brows as well as to the inner and outer corners of eyes and blend with tip of finger.
Apply to sides of nose and on chin and blend to give your face a luminous glow.
To sculpt and highlight facial features, apply in small strokes to the cheekbones and blend.
To make lips look fuller, outline lips with lumi concealer and blend.
To cover imperfections, dot concealer onto desired area and blend.

Basically, this concealer comes in a pen-like tube with a brush at the top.  To get the product out you have to twist the bottom part until the gel appears.  (If you’re using it for the first time you may have to twist it a couple of times before anything comes out.) Then after that you can brush or dot it on your face as you wish.  I prefer dotting it on my face and using my fingers to blend it out.

According to Maybelline, this product is meant to highlight certain areas of your face and give you a healthy glow.  But since I have TONS of acne scars, I’m more concerned about coverage.  And let me tell you, this product does not disappoint.

Here’s what my cheeks look like without any foundation, BB cream or concealer:

20130721_135742 copy

My right cheek isn’t TOO bad.  But my left cheek …

20130721_135802 copy

YIKES!!!  Not to make excuses, my skin didn’t always look like this.  I had a horrible breakout last month (from sleeping on a dirty pillow) which left me with all these scars.  I think this is the worst that my skin has ever been.

Here it is after I apply some BB cream/foundation :

20130711_112726 copy

Again, my right cheek is not too horrible

20130711_112710 copy

But my left cheek looks disgusting.  The BB cream helps a little, but you can still clearly see the scars underneath.  I can normally get away with just wearing BB cream but ever since my breakout, I need concealer.  The other week I was running late for the office so I decided to skip concealer.  I didn’t think people would notice a difference but they did!  I kinda scared my colleagues with all my scars.  They though I was having an allergic reaction.  It made me realize how well this concealer hides my acne scars because there was nothing different about my skin that day and the day before, except for the fact that I wasn’t wearing concealer.

After several comments from officemates telling me my skin looks terrible, I decided to go ahead and apply some concealer.  Here’s my skin afterwards:

20130711_115742 copy

Right cheek.  Not a big difference right?  Check out my left cheek:

20130711_115707 copy

Voila!  The scars have vanished (sorta).  I use the shade “Honey” since it has yellow undertones.  Pretty good right?  Of course the bumps are still there, but there’s really nothing I can do about that.  At least the discoloration is covered up.

Here’s another shot with brighter lighting where you can see the bumps more clearly:

20130718_092945 copy

Lots of pimples, but again the discoloration is significantly reduced

20130718_092958 copy

Yay for Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer~

If you look at the packaging, the product actually only takes up about 1/4 of the pen.  It does not seem like a lot but you only need a little when applying this.  I’ve been using it everyday for 2 months now and I still have this much left:

DSC09469 copy

The product only takes up the clear part of the tube when you first open it up, which isn’t that much to begin with, but like I said, you don’t need a lot.  This remaining concealer will probably last me another month.

So to summarize, here’s what I like about this concealer:

  • Matte
  • Great coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not cake
  • Travel-friendly and hygienic packaging
  • Affordable (I got mine for a little less than $7 at Walmart)
  • A little goes a long way

What I don’t like

  • Nothing.  Aside from the fact that I can’t seem to find it here in the Philippines

Will I repurchase:

  • If I ever come across this again then hell yeah!

Since I posted some pretty horrible photos of myself in this entry, here are two shots of me with my friends taken at Lou’s wedding the other weekend to get those images out of your mind:


IMG_1988(And in case you’re wondering – yes, I was wearing the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in these photos)

UPDATE :My skin has been doing a lot better now.  I went to see a dermatologist and she gave me some creams to get rid of the acne.  Thankfully they seem to have worked and the scars have lightened, so I can go concealer-free again without scaring my officemates. But I still do get a few occasional zits, and having this concealer comes handy 🙂


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