INSTABITS : July 2013

I can’t believe it’s already August!  In just a few weeks the -ber months will be here again~

Here’s my Instagram dump for the month of July:


Received another message from the post office telling me to pick up a package that arrived.  This is why I love shopping online 😀  Feels like Christmas every time 🙂


The small box was for Ezra (it was the BB cream she ordered using my eBay account), and the larger package contained my new iPad mini pouch.  Isn’t it awesome?


Posted this for Throwback Thursday.  Little Raffy and me at Big Bear Mountain, California. Taken sometime in 1996 🙂


We dug up our old reclining chair from our attic.  Ezra and I used to fight over who gets to sit in this chair back when we were kids. It’s perfect for watching tv, playing playstation and napping 🙂  I made Ckloy try it and he loves it.  (He keeps asking if he could take it home with him XD)


When Despicable Me 2 came out, McDonalds offered these adorable minions as part of their happy meals.  The last time I had a happy meal was probably 10 years ago, but I just couldn’t resist XD  I even made my mom and Ninang order their own happy meals so I could get the toys XD  (Ninang tried to use her senior citizen card when she paid but the lady at McDonalds told us you can’t get a senior citizen discount on Happy Meals, lol)


My roots have been showing so I decided it was time for me to dye my hair again.  I don’t know why, but I’ve really been missing having black hair, so I picked up a box of Blue Black dye this time.  The last time I had black hair was in 2009 😀


It took a while for me to adjust to the change.  For the first few days I got a little shock whenever I looked in the mirror.


I found this little guy hiding behind my laptop (along with a note) while I was packing up to go home from work one afternoon.  Tring had an extra minion and she decided to give it to me to add to my collection.  Such a lovely way to end the day 🙂  Thanks Tringieeee~


More Throwback Thursday.  These were taken on September 19, 2008 during another one of Ckloy’s random visits at the office.



On July 13, one of my dearest friends got married 🙂 Congratulations Lou and Joam!  (Grabbed this photo from Aprille’s Instragram XD)


The girls and I at Joam’s and Lou’s wedding reception.  Wonder which one of us is next? XD

Here’s another shot I grabbed (thanks Moy!)  This photo was made possible thanks to her long arms XD


Posted this shot on July 15 for Brinky’s birthday 😀  Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kup 😀

Woke up feeling extra girly one morning so I decided to wear this cute dress and sandals I got earlier that month

My parents and Ezra went on a 10-day business trip this month, leaving me home alone.  Since coming home to a lonely house is never fun, I spent a lot of time working late at the office and hanging out with my office mates.  I even went out and played badminton and table tennis with them at Copeland Gym one afternoon.  They’ve been trying to get me to join them for a few weeks now but I’ve always refused.


Another Throwback Thursday post.  This was from our highschool graduation back in 2002.  Look how tanned we were because of CAT!

Corporate attire, sponsored by Ezra XD  I love this teal dress!

Matchy matchy with Joybel ^_^ we even match our office walls XD


And more Throwback Thursday posts : Deus, Ezra and me with Lolo. Can’t remember what year this was but I’m guessing it was sometime around 1995.


Look at baby Viel and baby Deus. So adorable 😀

I had some problems with SMART a few weeks ago.  They kept deducting from the prepaid load and mobile data plan, even when I wasn’t using my phone!  I lost P63 while I was driving one day, and another P20 while I was getting dressed for work.  I called their hotline to complain and it was one of the most frustrating phone calls ever.  The girl I spoke to was so clueless and irritating that I just wanted to scream!  Luckily when I called back that evening to follow up on my complaint, the person I spoke to had more sense and we managed to sort things out.

After two days I woke up to this text from SMART.  They gave me P100 back after reviewing my case.  (I didn’t get my MB back though, but that’s alright, at least something good came out of the whole thing.)

Random selfie at the office to end this entry.  I think this was the last selfie I managed to take before my phone crashed T__T  I took it to the shop to get it repaired and hopefully I’ll hear from them soon.  I’ll probably talk more about it in next month’s INSTABITS.

I apologize if I’m posting this a little later than usual.  Things have been a little crazy lately.  Surprisingly it’s nothing work-related this time. The first few days of August has definitely not been good.  But it’s only been a week, so I’m hoping (and praying) that things will get better.


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