Week 20/52 : Good shoes take you to good places

Please excuse the grain in this photo. This was taken by my sister’s camera phone when we went to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica last May.  Kurt took us there to visit his church, so I didn’t feel the need to bring my camera with me.  On the way back to the car, we passed by this Converse store and they had this huge display of sneakers at the entrance. I thought it was pretty cool so I asked Ezra to snap this quick photo of me using her phone. Despite looking a little out of it (I felt awkward posing in front of so many people) I actually think it turned out okay. And since I’m behind on my 52-week project and trying desperately to catch up, I decided I might as well include this.

(The sneakers are supposed to make up the American flag, but I cropped the shot so it’s not as obvious here.)

Thanks for the photo Ez!


One thought on “Week 20/52 : Good shoes take you to good places

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