Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday today!!

I’ve been feeling a little down these past weeks but this morning I made a conscious effort to stay happy the whole day.  I think it worked 😀

I slept early last night so I woke up feeling refreshed this morning.  I received hugs and greetings from my parents and sister, then we had breakfast together.  We had the traditional birthday breakfast (misua with egg and meatballs).


Then after that I got ready to go to work.  When I got to the office, Amie, Dustin and Hazel presented me with this lovely cake:



They told me that initially they planned to surprise me as soon as I came in that morning.  Dustin was to wait for me at the parking lot downstairs, and he would alert them when I arrived.  Then they would turn off the lights in our room and hide there while waiting for me with the cake.  Unfortunately, breakfast with my parents took longer than I expected.  Dustin was actually already waiting for me downstairs when I texted Amie that I would be coming in a little late.  Oops~  Sorry guys!  But I’m still really touched 😀


Thanks Amie~


And thanks Dustin!

(Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture with Hazel on my phone.  We did pose for a shot together, but it was for Sir Nel’s camera, so I’ll have to wait for him to upload on FB so I can grab it from his page.)

Amie also gave me a little present for my birthday:


Love how it’s wrapped, especially the butterfly accent.

Some members of Physika also dropped by the office to greet me and they gave me cookies 😀  Yaaaaay~



Thanks guys!

Our family was supposed to go out and have lunch together at Eat-Sumo, but I forgot that I had to judge a few Physics 3 project presentations that afternoon, which only left me with a one-hour window to eat.  So instead, we decided to just have lunch at my mom’s office and postpone the actual celebration until dinner.  I invited Amie, Kat and Tring to eat with us.

I thought about bringing my cake over there so we could have it for dessert but I figured that I should eat in my office so I can share it with the people who bought it for me.  It was a good decision because when I got to my mom’s office I found out that she had bought me the exact same cake from Mernels XD


Lighting the candles


Thank you to my sweet family


And thank you to my dear friends for taking the time to celebrate with me

That evening, our family went to one of our favorite places to eat – 88 Resort and Spa.  Then after that we went home to eat another cake that my mom bought for me.  It was the strawberry cheese cake from Bake and Churn.  (My dad loves this)



Thanks Mama!

Obligatory pictures with the cake before we destroyed it:



Overall, I had a great day.  Nothing too extraordinary, but spending it with people who care about me made me feel very blessed.  To top it off, I received a few messages from some of my old students telling me how I’ve inspired them and how much they enjoyed having me as a teacher.  Reading those messages made me so happy and I feel so thankful that I’m in a position where I get the opportunity to meet amazing people like them 🙂

To end this entry, here are some birthday selfies I took earlier today.  Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today!  Mwaaaah~




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