Week 23/52 : Forsaken

I posted this on my Flickr stream way back in July, along with a few other self portraits, but I haven’t been posting them on my blog.  You see, I’m about 5 weeks ahead of Ezra in our 52-week project and initially I wanted to post our portraits here at the same time.  But she’s been having a hard time catching up and my SPs have been piling up on Flickr, so I decided to stop waiting for her.  Towards the end of 2013 you’ll probably be seeing lots of pictures of Ezra as she tries to cram her missing self portraits into the last weeks of the year.

Anyway, back in July, Nochi gave me the honor of choosing the theme for Visual Sanctuary’s collaboration. I decided to go with “NIGHTMARES” since it can be interpreted in so many ways. I was curious to see what the others would do.

I’m not really sure what my inspiration was for this image, but usually I’m influenced by books I’m currently reading.  Back when I made this, I had just recently finished the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (the original trilogy at least), so I suppose that gave me a few ideas. I wasn’t consciously thinking of of the book when I edited this, but I guess looking at it now I could be Jocelyn, stuck in some magical state of slumber at the City of Bones. (There wasn’t an actual scene like that in the book, in case you’re wondering.)

Here are what the others came up with:

Stock credits:


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