Summer fun with my girls

(This is obviously another very late entry, seeing as it’s almost the end of the year again.)

Last April, the girls and I decided that we could all use a break from work, so we planned this quick Batangas getaway.  We realized that the last time we all went to the beach together was back in 2007, when we took a trip to Puerto Galera.  We’ve been planning a Boracay trip since forever but lack of financial resources and our busy schedules makes it very hard for us.  In the end, we decided to aim for something a little more practical.

Originally we planned on an overnight stay, but everyone had too many things to do so we settled for a day trip.  Brinks and Moy left Manila at around 6am with Ige.  They picked Aprille and me up at our houses, then we went to Ige’s house to drop him off and come up with a game plan before we left for Batangas.  You see, when we woke up that morning, we didn’t really have any concrete plans for what we were going to do that day.  We just knew that we wanted to go to the beach together.  We didn’t even have reservations for any resort. However, it wasn’t due to lack of trying.  We spent several days looking up resort contact information online, and trying to book reservations, but most of them were unreachable.  And the ones we did manage to talk to informed us that they were already full.  However, they informed us that there were plenty of resorts in the area that accepted walk-in customers, so we decided to take our chance.


Aprille playing with Ige’s pup


Sleepy kup


Sleepy kup with sleepy Carmi


Having some refreshments before we hit the road, courtesy of Ige’s family

By around 8:30am, we were on our way to Laiya, Batangas.  Hooraaaaay~


Our lovely driver and navigator


Excited for our adventure for the day

We stopped a couple of times along the way to pick up some snacks and drinks, but we still made pretty good time.  We arrived at Laiya at around 10:30am.  Camille was already there waiting for us since she had another beach outing with her friends the night before.  Instead of coming back to Manila or LB to meet us, we told her to just stay put and we’ll pick her up.  She stayed at Coco Grove with her friends the night before so we headed directly over there to fetch her.  When we got to the resort, we figured we might as well take a look inside to see if we wanted to spend our day there.


The place was nice, but there were too many people and not enough shade, so we just grabbed Camille and looked for someplace else.

We drove around for a while until we arrived at the Virgin Beach Resort.  It wasn’t our first choice and we’ve never heard of it before, but it was already 11am by then and we were starving, so we decided to check it out.  We ended up liking the facilities they had, and the fact that there weren’t that many people there, so we immediately unloaded our bags and grabbed a cottage.


All set for our summer adventure!


Checking in and paying at the entrance.  I can’t remember how much the entrance fee was, but I know that it included lunch.  I think the cottage fee (which we had to pay for separately) was around P1300.


Hungry girls waiting to be allowed inside the resort


We’re here!




Organizing our things.  Most of our bags were filled with snacks, so they were empty by the end of the day




Huge jar of peanut butter, lol


Since we take UV rays seriously, we came prepared.  We all chipped in to buy one bottle of sunblock before our trip, but for some reason we still felt the need to bring our own.  We ended up with 6 bottles of sun block and 1 bottle of tanning oil.

Here are some shots of the place:


Sign at the entrance


The lovely beach, which we had all to ourselves that day 🙂


Bed cottage.  We were thinking of getting this rather than the one with the table, but they told us at the entrance we would need to get 2 of them since the maximum allowable capacity was only 3 people.  (The table cottages could hold about 10 people I think.)


Rooms for the overnight guests


Pretty 🙂


Rest room.  (They had a different area for the showers, but I wasn’t able to get a photo of it)


I love the cement leaves on the path

After getting settled in our cottage, we changed into our swim suits, took a few photos together and made our way over to the dining area for some lunch.





Some pictures with my girls:





At the dining area:


Taking pictures while waiting for our meal


Brinks’ and Aprille’s selca moment


(stole this from Brinks’ camera XD)

After a nice lunch, we headed back to our cottage to enjoy the beach


We were so full after our meal and the sun was so harsh that we decided to grab a quick nap in the shade for a while.  It may sound like we were wasting the beautiful day by sleeping through it, but believe me, we enjoyed it a lot.  Most of us were pretty burned out from work, so having this chance to take an afternoon nap with our closest friends on the beach was a blessing.  I woke up about an hour later feeling hungry again, so I grabbed some snacks to munch on.


HUGE can of Pik Nik fries from Aprille 😀  The girls were still napping so I passed the time listening to music and reading a book while enjoying the warm summer breeze.

Eventually Brinks woke up and dragged me over to the shore to enjoy the water.  But we were still a little groggy from our naps and we ended up just lying there while we took pictures of ourselves using my phone.  Aprille took these photos of us being vain and lazy from afar:



We did eventually go into the water.  Aprille took these photos of us too:




After about another hour, Camille and Moy woke up as well, yay~


Naturally I didn’t bring my camera in the water with me, but here are some shots I took with my phone (which had a protective case) and  posted on Instagram:

We spent the rest of our afternoon enjoying the water and each other’s companies.  We mainly just floated around while updating each other on our daily lives.  The resort closes at 6pm so at around 5pm we left the water to shower and change.  We still had a few minutes left after we got dressed, which we used to take some group photos:

(Aprille took the shot above with her phone.  I grabbed it from her Instagram)

The pictures below were taken using my camera.  We didn’t have a tripod so we just placed it on a little table we found near our cottage.






(We were Meteor Garden and F4  fangirls back in the day XD)


Hair flip XD




Aprille as Sadako?


Love these girls 😀

Pretty soon it was time for us to leave





Goodbye Virgin Beach Resort.  We had a great time 🙂

It may not be as glamorous as Boracay, and we may have only spent a few hours together, but a simple yet real trip with my friends is a thousand times better than any imaginary vacation we may have in our heads.  I really hope we can make this an annual thing 😀


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