Week 25/52 : The poetry of the earth is never dead

-John Keats

This was taken way back in June, when Mike, Nochi, Jei, Brinks and I had our meetup.  It’s been on my Flickr stream for two months, but I’ve once again neglected to post it here on my blog (surprise surprise~).  Anyway, if you check out his stream, you can see that Mike loves shooting his self portraits outdoors (earning him the title “Nature Prophet” from Nochi XD).  I, on the other hand, shoot most of my SPs in my bedroom, so this was a change for me.  I wasn’t sure how to interact with my surroundings at first since I’m used to shooting against a blank wall, but I managed get a couple poses I liked.  I wasn’t as adventurous as Mike (who jumped into the river as soon as we got to our location) but I was able to step outside my comfort zone which was a big accomplishment for me. Hopefully I can do more outdoor shoots like this in the future.

I also had the honor of modelling for Mike that day. You can see the photo he took of me HERE.

Thanks to my kupo Brinks for helping me take this shot. And thanks to Mike for lending us the white fabric 😀  I learned that you can do a lot of long pieces of fabric that day, and I ended up buying my own after our shoot.

(Please excuse the grain – it was a little dark where we shot this, so I had to crank up the ISO for this shot)


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