Geek Charming : Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I watched this movie, and we absolutely loved it.  It was a simple and typical high school rom-com, but we enjoyed it a lot.  I think this was due to the fact that we’re both huge Modern Family fans.  One of the reasons I enjoyed Geek Charming so much was because Haley Dunphy (who, as you probably know, is played by Sarah Hyland) is one of my favorite characters on the show.  She’s doesn’t have the most important role – in fact, she was gone for a while when her character left for college- but I think she’s hilarious.  She’s just so adorably clueless! I can’t help myself, you guys know I love characters who are so ridiculously naive (think Yuan Xiang Qin from It Started With A Kiss, Go Mi Nam from You’re Beautiful and Nodame from Nodame Cantabile).  Sarah’s character in Geek Charming is pretty similar to Haley in Modern Family, so I loved that about the movie.   Also, I think it’s great that Sarah’s real life boyfriend, Matt Prokop was the lead actor.  The two of them make such a cute couple, I couldn’t help but smile at their antics in the movie.  I’ve watched several of their interviews on YouTube and I think they have such amazing chemistry together.  You can totally feel the love whenever they look at each other.

Anyway, I was just browsing some of their pictures online and I thought I’d share them with you.  They’re so sweet that I feel a toothache coming on!  I know that most celebrity couples don’t last, but I’m really hoping that this one does. *crosses fingers*

(None of these pictures belong to me, they are all properties of their respective owners.  You can go to the source where I got these photos by clicking them.  Some of the sources contain more photos of the couple, but I just picked out the ones I liked best.)


This was a promo pict for the Geek Charming movie


This one too (I love Sarah’s outfit – especially her shoes XD)


Don’t you just love how Matt looks at her?

2010 Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals



They dressed up as Pebbles and Bam Bam for Halloween, how adorable is that?


Matching PJs!  Say it again with me – D’awwwww~


Sarah and Matt's Hawaiian kiss

This was when Modern Family went to Hawaii to film and Matt came with them

Matt Sarah Hawaii

Another shot from Hawaii.  I’m totally jealous of how stunning Sarah looks even without make up~

Hyland and Prokop twirl on

sarah-hyland-nintendo-ds-interview-matt-prokop-modern-family (1)

This was when Matt guest-starred in Modern Family as Ethan


At Maui International Airport


Another airport shot of the cute couple, this time in Vancouver

"Clash Of The Titans" - Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet


I’m not sure what event this was for, but both Matt and Sarah looks extra gorgeous in this shot



Sarah posted this on her twitter (I think) for New Years, when she attended a costume party with Matt

Sarah birthday

At Sarah’s 21st birthday

Sarah birthday

Once again : D’aawwww~

If you’re interested in seeing more of the couple, I suggest you watch Geek Charming.  You can watch the trailer below:

(I find it funny that Sarah’s character in Geek Charming is named Dylan, when that’s the name of her on-off boyfriend in Modern Family XD)


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