INSTABITS : September 2013

It’s October already~  Just a few more weeks till the end of 2013.  I apologize for posting this even later than usual.  It’s the last week of classes, and I’ve been spending most of my time grading papers and making exams  T__T  In fact, I’m surrounded by lab reports waiting to be checked as I’m typing this.  But I’ve been checking nonstop since this afternoon, and I figured I deserved a break.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last INSTABITS entry, August wasn’t a very good month for me.  But I’m very happy to report that my September was great 😀  Lots of celebration and donuts XD  Here’s my photo dump for this month:


I finished watching the Pretty Little Liars’ mid season finale on the first day of the month.  It ended with a major cliffhanger and I can’t wait for the Halloween episode!


One of the reasons why I loved September was because it’s my birth month 🙂  I haven’t really done anything big for my birthday the past few years.  I used to enjoy hosting big parties when I was younger, but these days I prefer to celebrate with just family and close friends.  This year, my officemates surprised me with a cake.  (You can read more about my birthday celebration in THIS BLOG ENTRY.)  Thanks guys!


My birthday outfit 😀  I usually wear red on my birthday, but our family’s avoiding bright colors for the time being.


Simple birthday lunch celebration with the family and some friends at my mom’s office


For Throwback Thursday that week, I posted this old photo of Sinead, Sarabeth and me.  This was when we were in the 6th grade.  Sinead’s and Sara’s birthdays are on September 7, while mine is on September 4, so we decided to have a joint birthday party that year at Sara’s house.  (Look how dark and skinny I was back then!)


That weekend, Ezra and I went to SM Calamba to meet up with Ckloy.  We did a bit of shopping while waiting for him.  Here’s us Instagramming in the dressing room while Ezra tried on some jeans (the ones she’s wearing in this picture – which she ended up buying)


I bought this shirt last month because I thought the print was adorable.  It’s not that obvious in this shot, but they’re actually little Scottish terriers!  Aren’t they adorable??  I love Scottish terriers!  I’ve never had one before, but “Lady and the Tramp” was my favorite cartoon growing up, and thought Jock was really cute with his little mustache ^___^


After I wore my terrier polo, Kat remembered that she had a similar shirt so she wore it a few days later.  Instead of Scottish terriers, her shirt has these adorable dachshunds 😀


Another Throwback Thursday post.  That’s Ezra, Maribel and me.  This is what Ezra’s and my room in Myanmar looked like back in 1999. I covered the walls with Leonardo DiCaprio, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Steps, and Spice Girls.  We even had little Philippine flags up.  All my posters are now stored in some box in our attic because when we returned to the Philippines my parents didn’t let me put them up. They were afraid I would ruin the paint on our walls.


I’ve been hearing about J.CO donuts for a while and I finally got to try them this month. A student org was selling them as part of their fundraising activity.  I love the avocado and alcapone ones.


This month, our first barkada baby turned 1 😀  Happy birthday Feven!   The girls and I went to Batangas to celebrate with the birthday girl and her loving parents.


Feven’s party had a princess theme.  The decorations were adorable~


All hail Princess Carmi XD  (I stole Vesma’s crown while she was eating lunch.)


Here’s the adorable birthday celebrant 🙂  I want to bite her chubby cheeks!!!


Some more pictures from the princess party 🙂


I wasn’t sure what to get Feven for her birthday, since I can’t remember what sort of toys I liked when I was 1.  In the end I decided to get her something useful.  I found this towel with all the Disney princesses on it (perfect for her theme) and these adorable bunny slippers.  They’re a little big for her now, but she’ll grow into them.  (They have these elastic straps at the back, so she might actually be able to wear them already.)

Our family ended up loving the J.CO donuts so we ended up buying more when we went to Trinoma this month.  They were out of avocado but I found two new flavors I liked – Green Tease and Tiramisu 🙂


We also bought a box of the baby donuts so we can try all the different flavors 🙂


Random OOTD.  Found my high-low skirt hiding at the back of my closet and decided to wear it again.


My NASC3 students took their 2nd exam this month.  Dustin helped me distribute and proctor the exam.  He also decided to answer the questions just to see if he could.  He ended up getting a higher score than most of my students, lol.  Try to spot him among my students.


A gift from Ckloy.  I’m a happy happy girl 🙂  Thanks baby!  Ezra and I loved reading Archie comics while we were growing up.  My mom also used to read them to us when we were much younger.


Random vain selfies in the office


Ending this entry with another Throwback Thursday post.  This was taken in 2009 during the NASC3 field trip to Enchanted Kingdom.  Ma’am Rose organized the trip and invited all the Physics faculty to come along.  We were even allowed to bring friends along (for a small price of course).  I decided to bring Ezra with me since the last time we went to Enchanted Kingdom was when she graduated high school.  We had a lot of fun this day 😀

That’s it for this months INSTABITS.   September just flew by!  It’s a shame because I love my birth month.  Anyway, the semestral break is coming up and we’ve got a lot of activities coming up, so I’m hoping my October entry will be just as interesting 🙂


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