(EZRA) 23/52 : Finding my way back home

This was Ezra’s “comeback” self portrait after our little hiatus.  Like me, she wanted to dedicate a self portrait to our grandmother, and this is what she came up with.  Since our grandma was a seamstress, we’ve asked her to make lots of dresses for us in the past, especially when we were younger.  The outfit that Ezra is wearing in this shot was made by my grandma (except for the cloak, which I bought at a convention).  Ezra found the design online and she really liked it so she showed it to my grandma.  It took Lola a few days to make since she tires easily and she had to take lots of break in between sewing, but it turned out wonderfully in the end.  Ezra loves it and she’s worn it numerous times. She first wore it at the ToyCon in 2008.  She also likes wearing the skirt separately (paired with another dress) .  I myself have worn this outfit on a few occasions.  The first time was for this Halloween shoot that Ezra and I did back in 2010, and I wore the skirt as part of my costume earlier this year when we attended Fanime 2013.

Ezra and I really appreciate everything that our grandma has done for us, and we hope she knows that we love her and we will always remember her.

Stocks credits:

Woods : LINK
Lantern : LINK
Brushes : www.obsidiandawn.com


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