Week 28/52 : A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen


In my last few posts, I mentioned that my grandmother had recently passed away, and that she was a dress maker. I didn’t have a lot of memories of her during my elementary to high school years since our family lived in Myanmar for a while. But I do remember her taking care of me when I was much younger. She used to sing me to sleep every night and tell me stories about her suitors when she was younger.  In the past years, although she lived with us, I didn’t really get to spend as much time with her as I liked. I have no one to blame but myself of course. But one thing that did bring us closer was her love for sewing. In fact, when she’s at home, she’d either be watching tv, sleeping or making something with her sewing machine. I tried asking her to teach me how to sew many times, but she told me that it would require a lot of time and I should just ask her if there was any sewing that needed to be done.

Now if she never taught me how to sew, you might be wondering how it brought us closer.  You guys probably know that I love to shop, and I love bargains, but the problem is a lot of the stuff I like don’t fit me since I’m pretty small.  But thanks to my grandma, I never had to worry about that. I never had to think twice about buying something that’s way too big for me, because I knew she could fix it. She must have repaired about 1/4th of my entire wardrobe – including the dress that I wore during my graduation last year. She even made little dresses for Ezra’s dolls. The shirt that I’m wearing in this shot was the last piece of clothing that she fixed for me before she passed away. I ordered it online and it was too big for me (as usual) so she did her magic and now it fits perfectly. Thanks Lola!

I will forever cherish the clothes that have passed through her expert hands. I used to feel guilty whenever I asked her to repair something for me because I felt like I was bothering her. But now I’m glad I did. My mom told me that my grandma really loved to sew so she would never see it as a bother, and now I have a closet filled with her memories 🙂

(Quote in the title is by Edward de Bono)


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