(EZRA) 27/52 : Classic Filipina


Ezra tells me that this portrait was inspired by the museums she went to in Cebu a few months ago.  They showcased Filipino culture and had a lot of old portraits of classic Filipina ladies.  She thought they looked so regal and beautiful so she asked me if she could do something similar.  Unfortunately, I didn’t go to the museum with her, so I didn’t really know what she was talking about (I haven’t really seen a lot of old classic Filipina portraits either).  But after a quick search on Google, I had a pretty good idea of what she had in mind.

For this shot, I got to play around the fabrics I bought earlier this year.  Since we didn’t have a Filipiniana terno readily available, we found a white dress from our closet and attached the long piece of white fabric to the bottom to give it some additional length.  Then I took my black fabric and we taped it to the wall to use as a backdrop 🙂  Tadah~  I’m quite happy with how this turned out 😀


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