(EZRA) 30/52 : Fangirl mode activated

Ezra and I dropped by Cosmania last October, and we found this shirt being sold there.  It’s from the anime “Free!“, which is pretty popular at the moment.  I’ve only seen  a few episodes since I haven’t really taken the time to sit down and watch it, but Ezra’s obsessed with it.  Not that I blame her – that anime has a lot of hot guys and plenty of fan service.  I’ll probably ask Ezra for a copy so I can watch the whole thing soon, but right now I’m still in the middle of a very long Project Runway marathon.  (I’ve just finished seasons 6 and 7, and I’m currently downloading season 11.)

Anyway, back to the shirt.  Makoto is one of Ezra’s favorite character on the show, so when she saw this shirt, she started fan girling.  It was too big for her but she bought it anyway.  I’ve been trying to teach myself how to sew (because of Project Runway) so maybe I’ll be able to resize this for her soon 😀


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