(EZRA) 31/52 : Beldam

This was Ezra’s Halloween portrait.  She was inspired by the “other mother” in Coraline – AKA “The Beldam”.  Ezra LOVES Coraline~  It’s one of her favorite movies.  I, on the other hand, think it’s weird and a little disturbing.  I mean, buttons for eyes?  Lips sewn shut?  Freaky~ A few weeks ago I read “Ocean At the End of the Lane”, not knowing it was written by the same author.  The entire time I was so confused and disturbed, but I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the book because I wanted to know how it would end.  After I was done, the first thing I said was “what did I just read???”.  But then I found out that it’s written by the same author who wrote Coraline, and everything made sense.  I’m still not a fan of both stories, but I have to admit that Neil Gaiman has one hell of an imagination, and he’s definitely in a genre of his own.

(Photoshop brushes are from obsidiandawn.com)


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