New blog layout

If you’ve dropped by my blog during the past few days, you might have noticed that I made a few changes.  I was getting a little bored with my old layout, so I decided to switch things up a bit.  What do you guys think?

The biggest change is that I’m now using a white background!  Ever since I started this blog in late 2009, my background has ALWAYS been black, or at least a dark shade of grey.  I’ve used several themes in the past, but I always made sure to choose one with a dark background.  I just felt that darker backgrounds made my photos stand out more.  Since most of my posts on this blog are Ezra’s and my self portraits, I figured this was the best choice.  But lately, my posts have been getting more wordy, and it’s such a pain to read white text on a black background.  A few lines are okay, but trying to decipher huge blocks of text gives me a headache!  So in the end, I gave in and chose a layout with a white background.


Ta-dah!  No more strained eyes for my readers 😀

The theme I’m now using is Pilcrow.  I like that it’s simple and has a customizable header and background.  Since I’ve had my old header for over two years, I figured it was time for a change.  Initially I wanted a chibi version of myself to go up there, but I realized that my drawing skills have gotten a little rusty.  They were never that good to begin with, and after three years of not drawing anything, they’ve just gotten much worse.  So I decided to just dig around my self portrait folder and look for something header-worthy.  In the end I chose a self portrait I look last year because it was simple and fits the contents of my blog.  It was in square format so naturally I expanded the background and decided to add the music notes to make it a little more interesting.


Initially I placed “” on the header, but it was too long so I shortened it to just “strangevision”.

The background was originally white, but I thought it looked too boring so I found this pretty vintage wallpaper pattern online and set that as my background.  I had to adjust the colors a bit so it would go well with my header.  I also resized it a little to make the pattern smaller and more delicate.

Something I really liked about this theme was how quotes get separated:


As you may know, I read a lot of books, and sometime I like sharing my favorite quotes from these books here on my blog.  With my old theme, I had to manually add dividers between each quote just to separate them.  But with this new theme, each individual quote is placed in a grey box. So it’s easy to see where one quote ends and another begins.  Pretty cool huh?

I’ve only been using this theme for a few days so I haven’t really had the chance to explore it that much, but so far I’m really enjoying it 😀  I’m still thinking if I should play around with my header a little more, but in the meantime I’m satisfied with how everything looks.  I hope you guys like it too!


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