Week 35/52 : Crimson

Belated Happy Halloween!  (I actually posted this on Flickr and Facebook on Halloween, but as usual I’m posting it a little later here on my blog.)

This is a little disturbing, I know, but that’s obviously what I was going for. Even Ezra was a little creeped out by this and she usually likes these kinds of photomanipulations. I think maybe because it’s me in the picture, rather than some random model, which makes it a little more real for her.

I didn’t really put blood on my face of course, it’s all Photoshop.  Even my make up was done digitally.  We don’t have any costume stores nearby where I can pick up some fake blood, so everything had to be added in during processing.  I did consider concocting my own fake blood out of honey, cornstarch and food color (Mike’s recipe), but I figured Photoshop would be easier. Anyway, I love editing these bloody self portraits.  I try to limit myself to only making them around this time of the year as to not freak too many people out XD

(Photoshop brushes from http://www.obsidiandawn.com)


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