INSTABITS : October 2013

I just realized that it’s almost the end of November and I haven’t posted my INSTABITS entry for October yet.  Whoops.  Classes have started so naturally I’m once again falling behind on blogging and my 52-week project.  Also, you’re probably aware that things are not going that well in some parts of our country, due to the recent typhoon.  Even someone like me, who don’t watch the news, knows what a terrible state we are in.  I could probably sit here and try to write pages and pages about our situation and paint you a devastating picture but I’m sure that most of you are aware of this already.  However, if you are interested in reading more about it, you can do so HERE.  And if you would like to help out, here’s a link to a page that contains information that you might find useful.

Alright, so on to my photo dump for October.


On the first day of October, my college adviser returned to the Physics Division, yaaaay~  He finished his PhD in Japan last September, and now he’s back in UPLB and teaching again. Welcome back Sir Marvs!! We missed you 😀


The first thing he wanted to do when he came back was take pictures at the torii (Japanese gate) inside campus.  I think he misses Japan already.  Anyway, Dustin, Amie and I went with him since we’ve never been there before.  This photo was taken by a “random” student we spotted in the area (who turned out to be one of my old Physics 3 lecture students from 2012).


JUMP! Sir Marvs looks excited to be back ^__^


A few days after our torii adventure, we had an impromptu pizza party at our house.  Thanks Sir Marvs and Sir Taps for the pizza. Please feel free to drop by again for another Just Dance competition 😀


I was missing my cute Go Launcher themes, so I decided to install this Ohiye live wallpaper and widgets for my phone. Supah kawaii!   I love how the wifi switch is a clam shell, and the little swimming fishies.  I also think it’s cool that the background changes to a darker one with a moon when evening comes.  (I chose not to download Go Launcher this time because I didn’t want to use up so much space on my phone.  I think this live wallpaper and widget won’t consume that much space, but I could be wrong)


I gave my fringe a little trim last month.  My blunt bangs are back:D  Ckloy tells me I look like a little kid again.

I just had to share this – my highest score in 2Fuse to date. And I did it without using a single booster! Yaaaay!  I have no idea how this happened, but I’m one step closer to reaching 2 million 😀


Family portrait taken at the photobooth during my aunt’s 75th birthday celebration at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel


Here’s another one with Mama and her babies 🙂


And one of Ezra and me


After my aunt’s party, Ezra and I dropped by Cosmania to check out the booths they had there. Our parents only gave us about two hours to look around since they had to wait for us while we were inside. Ezra and I focused on trying to see all merchant booths since our main goal was to shop. It was a shame because there were so many amazing cosplayers there, but we didn’t have time to take pictures. These were the only two photos we managed to take before we had to go.


Last month my dad was given an Alumni Award for International Service and Cooperation! We’re so proud of him 🙂  They had the awarding on October 9, and of course the whole family had to be there.


Random vain shots while we waiting for the program to start


Ezra and I took turns posing with my dad’s trophy 🙂  Now he and my mom both have one of these.


UPLB Chancellor Rex Cruz was at the event too, so I grabbed the opportunity to get my photo taken with him


October 10 was the UPLB Loyalty Day.  We had the Luncheon Salu-Salo at Copeland Gym before the Loyalty Day Parade


IMSP faculty with our banner at the Loyalty Day Parade


Akira gave birth to 6 adorable puppies during the last week of September.  So by early October, we were already able to steal them away from their mom for short periods of time to play with them.  Look at this sweet little baby.  He was only 2 weeks old at the time 😀


October 15 was a holiday, so Amie, Kat, Ezra and I went to San Pablo to meet up with Dustin.  He took us ukay shopping and we had dinner together at SM San Pablo 😀  Thanks for showing us around Dustin!


My mom celebrated her birthday on October 17.  It was a Thursday so I posted this old photo of us for Throwback Thursday 😀

Amie, Kat and I went to Ilocos last month to attend the 2nd MOVE Symposium at MMSU.  We stayed at the Farm Side Hotel in San Nicolas.  It was a 2-minute walk to Robinson’s Mall 😀


We didn’t really get a chance to explore and go sight seeing this time (unlike last year) but we still had fun.  Here’s a photo of us on the bus back to Manila after the symposium.


Random selfie


Photo op with Prof. Tominaga after his lecture on pulsed terahertz spectroscopy 🙂  He was Sir Tapia’s adviser at Kobe University in Japan.


Words to live by 😀


Brinks asked me to order her a powerbank from eBay, so I did.  It’s the same model I bought for myself, but mine’s pink.  I bought this from a different seller though (since it was cheaper), and unfortunately this one seems a little faulty.  It works, but it doesn’t seem to last as long as mine.  I contacted the seller and he gave me a partial refund.  The only thing is, I ordered 2 more of these babies from him before we found out about the problem.  They haven’t arrived yet, so I’m hoping that those will work fine.  (EDIT : They arrived yesterday and they drain quickly too, grrr~  We’re trying to see if we can fix it before I contact the seller again to ask for a refund.)


Our little furball at 3 weeks old.  So fuzzy~


Check out that adorable face 😀


At 4 weeks old 😀  I just want to nuzzle her.


I met up with Brinks one weekend at SM Calamba for merienda and some shopping.


Kupos in a web-y Bread Talk 🙂 (This was around Halloween so the stores all had decorations up)


Brinks finally managed to give me the chocolates she bought for me in Japan.  I’m surprised that they survived her 3 brothers’ appetites 😀  Thanks kup!

Our family spent Halloween visiting the family mausoleum and arranging flowers for our deceased relatives.  I know that it’s tradition to go on November 1, but we wanted to avoid the crowd.

After we got home, I spent the rest of the evening watching Project Runway season 6.  I’m about 4 years late, but I’m seriously crushing on Logan Neitzel ❤

Eye candy and he can design a rockin’ outfit just for you. What more can a girl ask for? XD  It’s not that often a straight guy goes on the show, so when one makes it (and a good looking one at that), you can’t blame the audience for paying special attention to him.


My Project Runway marathon inspired me to play around with my mom’s sewing machine. I managed to resize some of my clothes so they would fit me better. It’ll be a loooong time before I can start making dresses from scratch, but a little practice never hurts anyone 😀

That ends my INSTABITS post for October.  November’s coming to a close so I’ll probably have my November INSTABITS entry up soon (hopefully).  Although I can already tell you that it’s going to be short.  I think I only have 3 photos up as of now.  Apparently I’m falling behind with Instagram too, tsk tsk.  Hopefully once I adjust to my new teaching schedule I’ll be able to catch up on some of the things I’ve been neglecting.   I’m also blaming Kat and Project Runway.  Ever since she gave me a copy of seasons 6 and 7, I’ve been obsessed with the show.  I’ve been spending most of my free time catching up on all the other seasons.  I rewatched some parts of seasons 1 to 5 (I’ve seen those before but I want to reacquaint myself with the designers since I plan on watching Project Runway All Stars).  Now I’m currently watching season 10.  I think there are 12 seasons so far, so I still have 2 more to go after this.


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