Nails : Psychedelic Zebra


This is what my nails looked like last week.  Fun, colorful and sparkly 😀  Aren’t they lovely?

People have been asking me how I did them, and commenting that I must be really obsessed with my nails to have taken the time and done this.  Most of them thought that I actually did gradient nails on myself and painted all those zebra stripes by hand!  But I barely have time for anything these days, so there’s no way I would have actually sat down and taken the time to do that.  These past few months I’ve just been sticking to my good old black nail polish.  But I missed having statement nails, so I decided it was time to use one of my nail strips.  I’ve been hoarding them for the past year, and I’ve got a tiny drawer full of them, but I’ve only used one ever since I started buying them.  I’ve been telling myself that I should save them for special occasions.  This was back when I only bought nail strips from Etude House and they cost around P200 each.  But these days I see them being sold for as low as P30, so I figured why not start using them on regular days?  


These were the nail strips I used.  I bought them from the 99cents store in California last summer 😀


Inside you’ll find 16 strips, more than enough for both hands. They come in different sizes so you’ll have to see which one will fit your finger.  It’s the width that’s important since you’ll just file away the excess from the tips anyway.  You might have to trim some of them to fit your nails.

They look really good when I first put them on, but then I decided to add a layer of clear polish on top for extra protection, and the stickers began to warp!  I’m not sure why they did that since the one I used in the past was just fine after using a topcoat.  And it’s not like I can skip this step because if they behave like this with just a few drops of nail polish, then I can only imagine what will happen to them when I wash my hands!

Anyway, I’m glad that the pattern was really abstract and the warping didn’t completely damage the design.  I’m just worried what will happen when I use the checkered print I bought from the same store.  I’m sure the wrinkles will be more obvious with those T__T

To mask some of the damage, I used my trusty glitter polish.  Of course this warped the nail strips even more, but they looked much better after they dried:

It looks great from afar, but up close you can see how the stickers have wrinkled 😦

Overall, I’m still pretty pleased by how the whole thing turned out.  I expected them to last 3 days at most, because of what happened after putting the top coat on, but surprisingly I managed to keep them on for 2 weeks. By then some of the stickers have started to peel off, especially at the top, but I’m still impressed by how they held up.  I think I’m going to start using my nail strips more from now on.  I love how easy they are to use, and how interesting the patterns are 😀


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