Week 38/52 : We struggle with insecurity because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlights

The lovely quote in my title is by Steven Furtick.  When I saw I knew I had to use it in my 52-week project.  I think it’s something that most people need to remember, myself included. Nowadays it’s so easy to compare your life to someone else’s thanks to social media. Whenever I open Facebook, I’m bombarded with updates about my friends’ lives. I see pictures of them on vacation, showing off new gadgets, doing romantic things with their significant others, etc. While I do feel happy for them, I can’t help but think “I wish I could visit (insert place) too” or “I wish I could afford to buy a new (insert material object here)” or “Why can’t I have what they have?”. And sometimes, when I’m really down, I start to feel jealous and bitter. It makes me believe like everyone else around me is happy while I suffer in silence. But, just like the quote says, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that what we’re seeing are highlights of people’s lives. People generally don’t share their boring, everyday experiences on social media (although I do have a few friends who feel like they must update everyone with every detail of their lives …). Most of the time we only see the good parts of people’s lives. Now, assuming that you have 500 friends on Facebook, and that 10% of them had something good happen to them that week – that’s 50 posts on your newsfeed of people smiling and being happy. If you come across those posts on a bad day, it’s definitely enough to make you feel horrible about your life! This is why I try to stay away from social media when I’m not feeling too good about myself. Or if I do decide to open Facebook during that time, I make sure to visit my own profile to read through some of my old posts and browse my old albums. Because just like most people, I enjoy sharing my highlights on social media. Going through my old vacation photos or reading my older blog entries makes me feel blessed, because they remind me of the happy times in my life 🙂

Anyway, I just think that some people need a reminder that our lives are not defined by our Facebook wall, Twitter profile, Tumblr, blog, etc. It’s a nice way to share your experiences with the people around you, but it’s not really who we are 😀

Here’s an outtake for you guys:

I edited this one first, but I ended up liking the other one more


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